The artisans of yum

Baudouin Van Humbeeck.

04 Jul 2016, 11:07 Last Updated: 04 Jul 2016, 11:07

No sugar added ice cream, jams, refreshing and lightly-sweet drinks: the artisans take care of our taste buds and our waist lines.

The artisans of yum
The artisans of yum

Brussels cheese is not the only artisan-produced food in Brussels. Ettekeis is produced thanks to microorganisms sourced from the Senne Valley, and could not be produced elsewhere.

Its symbol is a butterfly, and its name is Pipaillon. This cannery creates chutneys and jams (for example: mandarin, cardamom, and rose petal) in jars. Pipaillon is also a tasting lounge (coffee, groceries) located on the wood-burning wharf, near Place Sainte-Catherine.

Why is Simone thirsty ?

Simone is thirsty is a line of refreshing and lightly-sweet drinks (cucumber / mint, geranium/apple, etc.). Simone is the brand creator’s neighbour. For the majority of her 80 years she’s driven a 2 CV, she grows organic, and she exudes health: the name simply fell into place.

Franklin ice cream is not produced in Brussels, but that can be forgiven after just one taste. After years of experience in the ice cream business, Franklin decided to produce ice cream with less sugar and more flavour. The line currently includes four flavours: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and coffee. The sweet sorbet with typical “Belgian" products is being prepared in great secrecy.

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