BANAD Festival The BANAD Festival 2022 to feel the art deep in your soul !

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Written by Brusselslife Rédaction - 09 Mar 2022, 00:00 (Updated: 15 Mar 2022, 16:43)
The BANAD Festival 2022 to feel the art deep in your soul !
The Brussels Art Nouveau & Art Deco also called "BANAD" for the connoisseurs, takes place every year in March, the 2022 edition will be the sixth of this festival and it will take place from March 12 to 27.

Tell the date of the BANAD and tell which edition of this festival it will be.

Art at the centre of BANAD

If you are passionate about art, BANAD is the place for you. You don't know anything about art? No problem, the NADB is for everyone, you can appreciate the works on display whether you are a specialist or not in the field. It could also be an opportunity to discover a new passion. Moreover, the weather has been better for the past few days, so you won't have any problems visiting outdoor venues. 



The festival of excess

The headquarters of this event is located on the Avenue Brugmann, but what is original is that you will not limit yourself to this place when participating in this festival. The BANAD aims to highlight the heritage of Brussels. The visits are not limited to just one place, but to dozens of places all over Brussels. Churches, schools, historical monuments are on the programme of the different visits. But that's not all, BANAD also organises outdoor tours, concerts, conferences, activities for schools or families, object fairs or theme evenings. As you can see, this festival is more than complete. You should also know that the programme varies depending on the day of the event, so that you don't always do the same thing and vary the activities offered. To make the BANAD a real festival, it offers you addresses where you can eat and sleep near the places you will visit. Visiting Brussels will never be so easy for you. You will see magnificent works of art and monuments, as you can see in the images in this article, we guarantee it. 



You know what to do to fill your March, for more information you can visit the official website of BANAD



Enjoy your visit and be amazed by the beauty of Brussels.


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