Brussels Vintage Market The Brussels Vintage Market to find something worthy of the name.

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The Brussels Vintage Market to find something worthy of the name.
More than just a market, the Brussels Vintage Market is the largest in Brussels. 

Explain the size of the Brussels Vintage Market.

If you want to expand your wardrobe or shop for retro objects, you should know that the Brussels Vintage Market offers all kinds of purchases such as clothes, accessories, jewellery, vinyl, small furniture, toys and even decoration. Both vintage and second-hand are on offer. 


The place to be

Located on the Avenue de la Couronne at number 227 in Ixelles, the Brussels Vintage Market is an open market that brings together several events related to second-hand clothing. This market is indoors, which is a big advantage, because you can go there regardless of the weather. But how did this market come about? The answer is an idea of three friends who were inspired by London's Bricklane district, bringing an underground touch to Brussels. We have been attending this thrift shop for 12 years now. Here are some other figures that will impress you, 147 editions have been organised since its creation while this market is followed by 69 000 subscribers on social networks. This thrift shop has a strong reputation, because it is made up of quality and diversity. 



The thrift shop that takes you across the globe

Food is also on the spot with many stands that offer you dishes from all over the world to make you travel without leaving our flat country. You don't have to leave the market to get food, what more could you want?


Haggling like never before

At the market, you will have the opportunity to haggle to buy an item that caught your eye but that you may find more expensive than its true value. The sellers will listen to your needs and offer you the fairest price possible. 



When atmosphere rhymes with a big A

This market is also about atmosphere, because concerts and music are played to make your experience as pleasant as possible. 



A market that thinks about ecology 

Another parameter that shows you that this thrift store is involved in ecology, it has these values: the circular economy and slow consumption. The main objective of the Brussels Vintage Market is therefore to make you consume less but better by proposing the adoption of an eco-responsible approach.



Conviviality and good atmosphere at the centre of the Brussels Vintage Market

For more information about the various upcoming events, you can visit the official website of the Brussels Vintage Market. The market is a friendly place where you can find fashion lovers, eco-responsible people and bargain hunters. The market is a reflection of Brussels, with a friendly and friendly atmosphere. 



Come to the Brussels Vintage Market to find what you are looking for!


We hope you enjoy your shopping and discoveries.  


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