The city adventures of a Brussels cyclist

Frédéric Solvel.

12 Feb 2015, 08:02 Last Updated: 12 Apr 2019, 16:04

Mr James, aka Bastien, mounted his bike with a camera. Objective: pinpoint a few absurdities of the cyclist network in Brussels.

Here we go on an adventure into the urban jungle. Everything started out quite fine though, cycling on a large bicycle track. That was until he dove into a bunch of garbage bags...


Our man then underwent a huge slalom between the pylones around the VUB. When he thought he had seen it all, the track ends, but the signals on the ground invite him to join the road with a board head-on.

There it goes again at Porte de Hal with a red light that pops up in the middle of the track. At the top of avenue Louise, it's a tree that awaits him. That is when there aren't actual barriers that prevent him from going on. Good thing Monsieur James watches cyclo-cross from time to time and knowns therefore the tricks.

All to say: here are two and a half minutes of crazy situations to discover here.


Don't hesitate to consult our Survival guide for cyclists in Brussels.

A cyclist in the city

By doing this video, Monsieur James managed to get out of it all with jusy a few scratches. But cycling in Brussels is a true adventure for him. There are so many dangerous situations where he almost got run over. For Monsieur James, this isn't possible anymore: things must change. Better infrastructures should be available, especially since the arrival of the Villos, that more and more brave citizens take every day. Perhaps some of the designers of these tracks should take them from time to time to realise what people are dealing with.

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