The food truck trend in Brussels

Written by Olivia Regout - 08 Oct 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 10 Jan 2018, 14:00)
The food truck trend in Brussels
They roam the streets of the capital with their provisions under hood, ready to fill your stomachs before taking off to look for more appetites to satisfy. Who is that, you say? It’s the food trucks! These little portable kitchens await you just around the corner, at the market in your neighborhood or at a weekend event with sophisticated, healthy and often organic snacks.

Ice cream trucks and fry huts are trending out. Right now consumers are demanding gourmet food, organic gourmet food. They want an original recipe to munch on in a snap. Something simple, delicious, quality and inexpensive please!

How to respond to these demands… Food trucks have managed to do so. Keep on Toasting, the Petit Nuage, Mellow, El Camion, SinStreetfood, Thai Food Truck, Asap, Urban Cosi… Brussels is becoming little by little a hub for food trucks!

The food truck's beginnings in Brussels

Even if many people think that this new generation of food trucks came to us directly from Uncle Sam, we haven’t been duped. The Yankees didn’t invent anything. Belgians, however…

What would you say about a bit of common periwinkles in celery bouillon? In Brussels, the familiar fishy smell from the food stands cooking away has been tantalizing the nostrils of onlookers for ages. Merchants of this kind have been meandering in the streets of the capital since the 16th century. Today they have swapped out wheelbarrows for trailers…

New generation: sophisticated and organic products!

Fast food hamburgers and greasy kebabs are done for. Today, the people of Brussels are asking for something healthy, organic and seasonal to eat. Farewell junk food, hello street food. Chefs are leaving the restaurants to serve the same sophisticated, quality cuisine aboard a food truck!

For example, the Sinstreetfood truck serves little vegetarian snacks inspired by Indian cuisine: samosa and raita, potato and vegetable yellow curry, veggie dhal and basmati rice, veggie burger… Their products are always organic and seasonal.

Croque-monsieurs made with spelt wheat bread by Keep on Toasting, chicken sausage hot dogs from Hopdog, frozen yogurts from Mellow or waffles on sticks from the Petit Nuage are all organic.

The Belgian cuisine from El Camion comes from local and seasonal products. Maquée with radish, bouchot mussels with chorizo, blood pudding sandwich… 

How to pinpoint a food truck

By definition, the food truck is nomadic. It travels from street to street, market to market or event to event.

In order to find them, you have several options. The first clue is to follow their movement on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare

Keep on Toasting has a site where they announce the agenda for the week: in the parking lot of a business, in a park, on a square in Brussels. The ASAP food truck will guide you with Foursquare, and the Cosi Mobile tells you everything from their Twitter account.

But where you will have the most luck to find your favorite food truck is at the many outdoor markets in the capital! Sinstreetfood and El Camion are stationed, for example, at the Place Van Meenen on Mondays in Saint-Gilles.

Certain ones will cater your events: Hopdog, Keep on Toasting, Mellow, the Petit Nuage, the Cosi Mobile… 

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