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Written by BrusselsLife Team - 29 Oct 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 22 Jan 2015, 08:28)
The Little Gym @ Bruxelles
Seriously fun ! With the will to combine the fun of sports with child development, The Little Gym is a very clever innovative concept which will appeal to all parents.

Innovative but not new

It was already back in 1976 that Robin Wes, the founder, had opened the first centre in the USA. Since then, the concept conquered the world and has furthermore widely settled in Europe. Six franchises already exist in Belgium, two of which close to Brussels, in Wezembeek and Uccle.

The Little Gym concept

Several activities are combined together to ensure and maximize the overall growth of your offspring as early as 4 months and up to 12 years old. And this on all levels, physical as psychological. Indeed, they will develop their flexibility, balance and coordination, but also their concentration, their ability to listen and especially their self esteem. All of it taking place in a very relaxed and fun setting! The soundscape filled with children's laughter proves it! It is a team of professional coaches who always takes care of groups of children. According to their particular age, they are divided into 11 categories and are therefore always perfectly in tune with the method« The Little Gym ». And the individual development of each child is guaranteed.

Children ready to face the world !

The children who benefited from The Little Gym program leave with a serious head start in life. During sport sessions, they do not have to constantly prove that they are the best as is often the norm today. The atmosphere is positive and everyone can progress at their own pace. Large and small successes build on each other and gradually build the strength of each little one. To feel good in their body, in their mind, and as we said, ultimately in their whole life, this is the promise that The Little Gym makes to children who will come to follow its program ! And that is seriously fun !

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