The OPnGo app arrives in Ixelles

Written by Donatienne de Vleeschauwer - 02 Nov 2017, 00:00 (Updated: 04 Jun 2020, 09:09)
The OPnGo app arrives in Ixelles
The OPnGO application makes it easy to pay for your daily parking!

The OPnGO app

OPnGO is an application that helps you find a parking space and pay for it via your smartphone. This application has two offers:

1) OPnGO is a partner with private car parks. With this application, you can check the availability of seats in the parking and book through the application the place in question. No need to take a ticket at the gate, thanks to the reading of the plate (that you have encoded in OPnGO), the latter gets up on your arrival. How do you pay ? You are charged from the moment you leave the car park (reading your plate at the exit).

2) Do you park on the streets in a city or common partner of OPnGO? No problem ! Geolocate your car, indicate the time you have parked and OPnGO does the rest. No need to get a ticket from the ticket machine at the other end of the street. However, you must indicate the time you want to leave! Are you stuck at the dentist? No problem! You do not have to run to your car to deliver money, you just need to extend your parking time through the app.

OPnGo in Ixelles

Since November, the municipality of Ixelles has partnered with OPnGO for its paying streets. The app tells you which streets are paying and you can pay directly from your smartphone as soon as you are parked.

For underground car parks or street parking, you have a history of payments in the application with all the necessary information, it keeps an eye on your expenses. OPnGO is not more expensive or cheaper, you pay the parking price defined by the municipality or the owner of the underground car park.

The app is completely free and available on the Apple Store and Google Play. You must enter a credit card and a plate number. You can introduce different cards and several plates. Be careful, if you encode several, choose the right card with the correct plate. If you use a shared car, a rental car, do not forget to separate your credit card with the plate number. Otherwise, the next users of the car who use OPnGO will be able to use your card ... and you will be charged each time your plate will be read at the entrance of an underground car park.

OPnGO is a good solution if you do not have cash on hand or the time stamp does not work. The most of the application is that you can book places in the underground partners or extend your parking time when you are in the street!

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