The Saint-Aulaye will amaze your taste buds for Christmas

Written by Donatienne de Vleeschauwer - 25 Oct 2018, 09:17 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:59)
The Saint-Aulaye will amaze your taste buds for Christmas
The bakery & pastry shop Saint-Aulaye has presented to Brusselslife its card for the end of year celebrations! Let yourself be tempted by a sweetness

Saint-Aulaye: authentic bakery and gourmet pastry in Brussels

Since 1986, the Saint-Aulaye delighted the taste buds of the inhabitants of Brussels who live around the municipalities of Uccle and Ixelles. The Saint-Aulaye is specialized in bakery, pastry and it is to the chagrin of gourmands ... because impossible to resist!

This bakery, pastry shop is present in Uccle Fort-Jaco and Vanderkindere but also in Ixelles on the Châtelain side. In its signs, you will enjoy profiteroles, marvels, financiers, couques, breads, confectioneries, ... There are only gourmet things that make up Le Saint-Aulaye.  

Brusselslife was invited to a breakfast at Saint-Aulaye on Vanderkindere Street to discover the workshops and the team working there from 4am! And she manually prepares 1,400 couques a day!

In addition to visiting the workshop ... Fabien Grégoire - pastry master of Saint-Aulaye and Companion of the Tour de France - presented us the new creations for the end of year celebrations! We were able to taste: - a cream roll, - a mocha log, - a raspberry log with a zest of lemon, - a chocolate / hazelnut log with its salted butter caramel biscuit.

To summarize what we have to eat in two words: a slaughter! The crème pâtissière of the rolled cream is so light that you can have fun without having the impression of having a bread in the stomach ... especially after a meal!

If you are looking for a Christmas log that does not have too much cream and is not too heavy after the turkey, you must select one from Saint-Aulaye! We explain why: - the mocha log is a classic but at Saint-Aulaye it is made in all lightness, - the raspberry log with lemon zest is made for those who usually prefer frozen logs, - the chocolate / hazelnut log with its salted butter caramel biscuit was our favorite.

If this little description gives you mouth watering and you want to taste them before Christmas ... Saint-Aulaye Street Vanderkindere organizes tastings on December 15 and 16 as part of BEL EXPERIENCE DAYS! This will allow you to make your choice and order the best Christmas log to make your sister-in-law look green with envy on family eve!

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