To every family its couch

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 17 Mar 2010, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:59)
To every family its couch
Sitting comfortably without losing your style isn't always the easiest thing to do. So, before shelling out megabucks for a swanky designer sofa one should never forget to try it first. Seated of course, but if you can try lying on it as well you'll probably get a better idea.

Because a lounge is useful for so many things : relaxing, watching a good film, passing a lovely afternoon, but also for some tv surfing or a well deserved afternoon nap. An essential piece in any home, it has to complement to the way of life of the entire family. Shapes, colors and textiles are the ultimate consideration before any purchase. That couch in white leather won't really go with the family with a dog, cat and toddler ? Not sure. And that soft couch that's weathered so much and adapted completely to your mum's lounge room ? We'll ask her. One has to pay close attention to the measurements of the room and the couch so that the latter doesn't become neither overbearing nor lost in its allocated area. Leather, fabric or synthetics ? These are some avenues in response to the difficult question of redressing your sofa. Leather, wearing well and in good condition can last for generations.
Its price however doesn't make it available to every budget and its sensitive to external factors : scratches ... The best fabric selection is cotton, but that needs a great stain proof treatment applied to it. Lastly, synthetic fabrics seem to be the most popular : more resistant to scratches than leather and staining less easily than cotton. And of high importance , check if the synthetic is washing machine friendly. In any case always prefer a couch that's tarped. A really useful thing when it comes to washing and relocking. In brief, before any purchase ask all the questions on your mind and test the piece in as many ways that apply to you. And this can never be stressed enough, aim to have already worked out your budget before buying, it will help you chose soemhting more suitable to you. Great tidings, bye !

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