To have a barbecue in Brussels

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Written by Brusselslife Rédaction - 29 May 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 22 Mar 2022, 13:57)
To have a barbecue in Brussels
Temperatures soar and the sky is populated with just a few harmless white sheep ...

In short, the weather is ideal for grilling some sausages on the glowing embers of your barbecue. The rosé jug is in the fridge, the question being whether you have the right to light the fire ...


The sun just made an unexpected appearance. Surprised, you rush to send a message to your whole directory: "Hey guys and gals ! Tonight, BBQ at home ! Bring your own selves, I'll do the rest ;-) "...

Don't get too excited ... Before you rush to the supermarket to buy a case of beers and the ketchup, are you sure you have the infrastructure required to have a barbecue at home?

Barbecue at home : which are the conditions ?

Since everyone is supposed to know the law, we have decided to dissect for you Article 23 of the General Police Regulations regarding summer grilling.

  • The garden

Perched on the balcony of your apartment, you are relishing the smells of grilled merguez sausages that reach you from the garden of your neighbour. Unfortunately, if he has the right to put up the feast of the century, the General Police Regulations says nothing about balconies, platforms or roofs !

Indeed, in all municipalities, barbecues are allowed only in private gardens. The municipalities of Uccle and Etterbeek are a little less restrictive and allow respectively barbecues on the terraces and spaces adjoined to the gardens.

  • A stationary or mobile barbecue

Proud owner of a garden, you have invited your friends living in apartments to enjoy your green space. Do things according to the rules of art. There is no way anyone will be burning logs on your lawn. Only are authorized « fixed or mobile furnaces », not campfires ! 

  • Beware the smells

You meet the first two conditions? There remains one ultimate requirement to follow. "It is forbidden to untimely disturb your neighbours with smoke, odours or fumes of any kind, as well as with dust or projectiles of any kind. " Avoid using fuel based firelighters or other chemicals to start the blaze.

And to prevent bad surprises, we therefore advise you to invite your neighbours to the festivities, in particular the one observing you with an eager attitude from his balcony ...

  • What the rebels risk

If you do not respect the requirements of the General Police Regulations, you will be subject to a municipal administrative sanction. What do you risk ? A fine of up to 250 euros ...

Your vivacious spirit could not help but notice that the balcony barbecues are not strictly prohibited. But beware, the smoke and odours nuisances remain, as far as they are concerned, punishable. And then, a little common sense will do you no harm.

Barbecue in public space ?

You can still sniff your herbs from Provence, but no and no, you can not bring the barbecue on the sidewalk to grill your “fricadelle” sausages. Not only are fricadelle on the barbie not very appetizing but you mostly expose yourself to an administrative fine.

Unless ... you have introduced a specific request to your mayor and that he has granted you an exceptional permit accompanied with all the required safety measures.

Barbecue in the parcs ?

The IBGE is adamant about it. It is forbidden to make a fire in the green spaces and parks of Brussels. It is therefore out of the question to carry your grill in the middle of the Parc du Cinquantenaire.

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