A SMART LOCK, WHY NOT? Top Tips to keep in mind to keep a bike safe in Brussels

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Top Tips to keep in mind to keep a bike safe in Brussels

Whether you consider your bike to be your best friend or simply just a vehicle, it is still just a mere money-based object for the thieves. In recent times, Bicycle thefts are seen increasing.
The number of stolen bikes is on the rise every day. In Australia, over 25,000 cycles, and in the UK, 400,000+ bikes get stolen every year. Although we cannot do much about it, there indeed are a few tips that can ensure your bike's safety.
As the saying goes, "precaution is better than cure," it is essential to keep a few steps in mind. You might not find something like the perfect or the safest lock for the bike, but you can indeed reduce the chances of your bike being stolen with the tips given below.
Let’s get started!


What about Smart Locks

Nowadays we hear so much about smart locks. So, let’s take a look at what is a smart lock?
It’s a lock that can actually be communicated with through one’s smartphone. This is done through an app of course.
The market is flooded with options to pick from. To name a few we have Lattis Ellipse, which is quite an old name in the market. It is a U-lock. Then you also have frame locks. You can pick from long-standing options like iLokIt, Sentinel, and Linka.
Hence while looking for one of these don’t confuse yourself as the market has a lot of options that come and go really quick. Hence try and stick to brands that are known and have been around for a while. One more important point to remember is, a bike lock that comes with an alarm, not necessarily is a smart lock. For a lock to be considered in the “smart lock category”, it has to be able to connect using an app.

Opt for a good quality lock

 Many-a-times, the thief finds it very easy to steal your bike not because you failed to lock it, but mainly because the lock you used was quickly breakable. Make sure you buy a tough lock that doesn't break easily.
The U-shaped locks are highly recommended than the thin cable lock. These locks are rigid and difficult to cut through. It might not stop the theft from happening, but it can surely waste the robber's time while he/she tried to unlock it.
You should never choose cable locks because they can be cut off just with a pair of garden scissors. Thieves have their way about such types as they are very commonly used. Also, it is anytime better to use two locks rather than just one.
If both the locks are of different types, it'll increase the chances of the robber getting irritated because of how time-consuming it turns out to be. Do not lock your bike just for the sake of it. Ensure that you seal it properly in the front and its wheel and the back part with its.
Always buy the smallest of all U-shaped locks. These are most difficult to break. It will either annoy the thief either prevent your bike from being robbed completely.

Lock your bike in the correct manner

There's no use in buying the most rigid lock if you do not know how to use it. While parking your bike, there are certain things you need to consider. Firstly, ensure that you lock your bike to a sturdy and immovable object.
Try moving the objects to ensure their stability before locking the bike. Also, as mentioned earlier, make use of two locks. While securing the lock, do not keep any space between the frame bracket and the lock.
The more effort you put into securing the bike, the fewer chances of it getting robbed. Loop both back and front wheels appropriately.
If you own a high-end bike, you know how costly some of its parts can be. You must lock up these parts correctly. If you follow these steps, it will help you in the long run.

Park at appropriate places

While parking your bike, do not opt for overcrowded places. As such sites have lots of people around, no one would have the time to suspect the robber. At the same time, also make sure you do not opt for an isolated place.
The isolated place is also as risky as the crowded place. However, there would be many people around in the previous situation and even ignorance, whereas in this case, there wouldn't be anyone around. 
It will give the robber complete freedom to rob your vehicle with ease. So, park the bike that is neither overcrowded nor isolated. Find a place that is decently exposed. If by any chance the theft occurs, there’s a high chance of it getting recorded on the CCTV cameras.

Ensure that your bike is registered

Most of us are aware of car registration, but not about bike registration. They are simple and also reasonable. It is just a simple step that will ensure your bike’s safety.
Look for the city's bike registration center that takes care of all the processes. The only things you will require are the model name, manufacturer, and serial name of your bike.
Through these steps, recovering your bike will be easy. If you end up losing your motorcycle due to an event, the police will use the unique number (code) to track it. In some city’s you also get a warning sticker.
It alerts the thieves by letting them know that you have registered the bike, stopping them from laying hands on your vehicle. 
Secure your bike components
Certain parts of your bike are more likely to be stolen than others. Most often, you might have seen bikes with missing wheels or seats or even handlebars. To prevent that from happening, you have to theft-proof them. 
One of the widely used methods is to replace your regular bolts with security bolts. The primary hex bolts are easily removable through an Allen key or any other hex tool.
On the other hand, when you use security bolts such as the Hexlox system, it comes with its coded key. The key is meant for the lock but not the bolt, thereby giving you time to prevent the theft from taking place.
Like this lock system, you also get other products that help secure certain opponents of your vehicle. It certainly doesn't mean that these products will completely stop the thief from stealing your bike components, but it will indeed limit its chances.


These were a few tips you could use to prevent your bike from theft. I hope this write-up provided you with the basic knowledge of how you could ensure the safety of your bike.
Right from picking the right lock to registering your bike, it is all in your hands. The more precautious you are, the more difficult it is for anyone to steal your bike. Do keep these tips in mind and use them appropriately. Good luck!

- Henry Clark

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