Trip to Puglia

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Written by BrusselsLife Team - 28 Aug 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Dec 2012, 07:59)
Trip to Puglia
Have you heard of Puglia ? How about the Adriatic Sea, sunshine, tarantella, the Trulli village, extravergine oil di oliva ... ? Bring out the sunscreen and join us on a journey to the boot of Italy, 500 km from Rome ...

There is no use in cursing the Belgian weather one more time. We know it all too well : clouds occupy the Belgian sky ready to shower us at any occasion. BrusselsLife takes you to a different world « in Puglia ». Close your eyes and imagine ... rolling hills, fine sandy beaches, wild inlets, a turquoise sea, all of this with a glass of wine in hand ! Fly away for a trip of discovery of art heritage, traditions, cuisine and culture of Puglia !

Puglia, region of character

Far from bustling Rome or Naples, Puglia is a calm region full of authenticity and Italian charm. Still fairly unknown in the tourism world, Puglia is working on displaying its riches beyond its borders. Lovers of Mediterranean culture will find in these southern regions the wild Italy in all of its beauty. The kindness and patience of the locals knows no limits. Expect a warm welcome ...

Tourism in Puglia

Puglia still offers mostly unspoiled nature. Olive groves border the roads, vineyards cover numerous acres. Throughout the breathtaking landscapes, Puglia abounds with small villages to explore, both inland as well as on its 800km of coastline. The region is mainly known for its unique Trulli architecture : dry-stone small houses with cone roofs. Alberobello is « the village of the Trulli » by excellence with over 1000 homes built along steep alleys. A heritage still intact, of which many buildings have been transformed into museums or shops selling local products.
A few kilometers away lies the coast of the Adriatic sea. The « Monopoli » harbor, its medieval castle and cathedral overhang the sea between Bari and Brindisi. Let yourself be guided through the peaceful streets of the city. This serene atmosphere is also found in the historical heart of « Polignano a mare ». Narrow streets punctuated with plants and Italian decorations stretch out into a maze. Your walk will most likely guide you to the cliffs of the city on which houses of the inhabitants stand. The Adriatic coast counts innumerable villages along the sea front. At the break of dawn, fishermen install their stands along the harbor offering fresh fish of all kinds : sea bream, dentex, grouper, sea bass, eel ...the community of Bari is also renowned for its delicious restaurants offering fine seafood specialties to the gourmets.

Gastronomy in Puglia

Traditional gastronomy takes center stage in all of the Puglia region with over 264 typical products. Wine and olive oil are true local treasures. Strictly extra-virgin, oil is considered as « Puglian gold ». Besides that, less known products are also worth the detour : Altamura bread, fresh « orecchiette »pasta , la tiedda alla barese (gratin of rice, potatoes and mussels), Toritto almonds ...

Sports oriented holidays in Puglia

Cyclotourism, golf, relaxing at the beach, windsurfing, sailing, hiking, ... Puglia offers numerous sports activities to vacationers. You will discover Puglia from every angle. Sophie Dandoy et Olivia Regout Even more on Puglia ...

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