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Written by - 27 Nov 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 29 Apr 2019, 14:18)
Vintage Nightlife
Dancing to the furious rhythms of swing, dressing up with your polka dot dress and derbies...

to dance the night away to rock n’ roll or swapping them for bell-bottoms and a t-shirt with disco glitter ...

To dance the night away to rock n’ roll or swapping them for bell-bottoms and a t-shirt with disco glitter ...How does that sound ? A return to the past for just one night, this is what is offered to you here !


The Balmoral

Unavoidable destination on Place Brugmann, the Balmoral takes you into its sixties decor from Hollywood. Leatherette benches in turquoise and pink, enamelled plates on the walls, milk bar, pin-ups. Everything here will wake up the American that sleeps within you, even the menu ! Hamburgers, spare ribs, cheesecake ... Everything to make your cholesterol level panic whilst making yourself happy in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The bars

Madame Moustache

Located in the Sainte-Catherine neighbourhood, the neo-cabaret Madame Moustache and its freakshow welcomes you with open arms ! Between burlesque and carnival, this former salsa bar has quickly become popular among retro lovers. Firstly, thanks to its setting: a western caravan where the dj does his thing, grandmother sofas, pink tiles on the floor, aces of spades covering the bar, waiters with sailor tattoos ... you will be delighted! In addition, thanks to its musical program, the lady of the house was able to win over all vintage addicts: every evening has a different atmosphere, therefore whether you be more of a rock, funk or 80’s fan, you will surely find an evening to suit your taste !

The parties

God save the 90's

According to the organizers, this is the biggest party of Brussels nightlife and after all the praise that it received we have no trouble believing it! Scratch sneakers, bandanas, walkman ... and other wonders brought by the 90's bring back any nostalgia? You will be more than satisfied and won’t be able to keep yourself from screaming loud and clear "God save the nineties! " Gloria Galvez Rojas

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