We have trialled free Wi-Fi in the metro

Baudouin Van Humbeeck.

28 Sep 2016, 13:09 Last Updated: 28 Sep 2016, 14:09

For the moment, it’s just a test… but we’ve been trying out free Wi-Fi in the Porte de Hal station.

We have trialled free Wi-Fi in the metro
We have trialled free Wi-Fi in the metro

Free Wi-fi has been made available by the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre. To use it, you need to sign up, but the registration process is rather complicated. Account creation is standard: user name, password, email address and nationality. Next, one would expect to begin using the Wi-Fi immediately, but this is not the case: the system then offers a choice of printing out your account details, sending yourself them by email or… finally… logging in. The account is valid for one year.

Fast connection… as long as you’re on your own

Our test shows that the Wi-Fi has a generous capability of 10Mb/s. This capability will be distributed amongst all people connected to the hotspot at the same time. The more users there are, the slower each person’s connection will be. It is important to keep in mind that this Wi-Fi hotspot is only a test. Pierre Migisha, spokesperson for Bianca Debaets, reminds us that, “at the end of the test period, we will conduct an evaluation of the capability on offer.” The future Wi-Fi hotspots network may well have an even larger capability.

The hotspots network is not limited to the ‘Porte de Hal’ station. It currently has 66 connection points, including 19, which are outdoors.