What shall we choose, lenses or glasses?

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14 Jun 2021, 00:06 Last Updated: 14 Jun 2021, 11:06

Most of the eyesight troubles can be corrected by wearing glasses or lenses. Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore we'll choose the solution which adapts better to our professional and personal activities.

What shall we choose, lenses or glasses?
What shall we choose, lenses or glasses?


Contact lenses help correcting myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia and presbyopia. They are placed directly on the cornea. They exist in different versions: rigid or semi-rigid lenses, easy to look after but sometimes less tolerated by the eyes; flexible ones made of polarized plastic sheet which need a careful daily cleaning but better tolerated; disposables. It's more practical to wear contact lenses than glasses, especially, for those who practice sports, because they don't break or mist up.

However, they can cause irritations and sometimes allergies. They need to be cleaned up regularly if not they can cause abrasions or even an edema of the cornea.


As for glasses, they have become again in fashion. We can find all shapes, all styles and all colors and they adapt at any kind of face. They may be used even when having lachrymal secretions and be worn since the youngest age. Yet, they are less practical for sports. They can break, loose and don't resist at condensation. µ

Anyways, because of the distance between eyes and lenses, the images are a little bit distorted and the frames generate faint shadows.

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