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Where to take chocolate courses in Brussels
We are going to talk about typical Belgian food, chocolate, a national symbol that we produce with quality, which is made in workshops that are very numerous in our country because of our interest in it.

Typical Belgian food, chocolate because of our passion for it.

We will therefore explain how it is made and give you some places around Brussels where you can enjoy this fun and original experience.


History of Belgian chocolate

First of all, Belgium and chocolate have a long history. Indeed, the first traces of cocoa in Belgium date back to 1635 in Ghent. In 1857, the first chocolate factory in Belgium was created under the impulse of Jean Neuhaus, who had the idea of wrapping his medicines in chocolate to hide the bitter taste. If you want to have a better idea of the impact of chocolate on our culture, in 2015 there were 550 chocolate makers for 2000 shops in Belgium (i.e. one shop for every 5500 inhabitants). You should also know that Belgians consume an average of 8 kilos of chocolate per person per year, which makes us one of the countries that consumes the most chocolate in the world. Finally, Belgium produces 650,000 tonnes of chocolate per year, most of which is exported. Belgian chocolate is therefore recognised by many specialists as the best chocolate in the world. As far as its influence is concerned, the following creations are 100 percent Belgian: the praline, the mendiant and the gayette.


Chocolate workshops

There are several workshops in Brussels, and these offer courses so that you can learn to make chocolate yourself.

"Atlelier Chocolat"

First of all, the chocolate workshop located near the Mont des Arts, offers workshops that last 2h30 with vegetarian (no egg) and gluten free products, so that everyone can taste them and not be bothered by allergies. The workshops are in French of course, and there is also the possibility of cooking vegan and lactose-free chocolate. So there is something for everyone. Finally, you will have the opportunity to make more than 35 different chocolates divided into two types of products: pralines and mendiants. All this for only 38 euros per adult, 32 euros for young people aged 12 to 16 and 34 euros for students with a card.

"The Belgian Chocolate Makers"

Another interesting address, 11 rue Lebeau in the commune of Brussels, there is The Belgian Chocolate Makers which is the largest chocolate shop in the capital. Your visit starts with a tasting of hot chocolate, followed by a fascinating presentation on Belgian chocolate and its secrets, and then the practical part of the visit, where you will have to make your own chocolate. This tour lasts 1 hour and costs 35 euros per person.



"Laurent Gerbaud"

Laurent Gerbaud also gives you lessons to make chocolate, more precisely mendiants, then you will taste twelve different chocolates to initiate you to the cocoa varieties of the Laurent Gerbaud brand.huge advantage you will pay only 15 euros for your child, when the price per adult is 35 euros. This chocolate maker is located on Rue Ravenstein 2D in Brussels.


"Cokoa - La Pâtisserie Florale"

If you want to follow several courses with different themes, you have to go to Cokoa - La Pâtisserie Florale. Located on the Chaussée de Boondael in Ixelles, this workshop sets up courses so that you are as complete as possible in the making of chocolate. For example, there is a course on macaroon making, another on icing techniques, or cake making.

"Concept chocolate"

Concept chocolate is also a workshop that lets you make chocolate. It has two chocolate workshops, the first of which introduces you to the history of cocoa, invites you to create your own chocolate bar or beggar and a question and answer session. The second one combines chocolate and beer, what more Belgian activity could you ask for? As for the prices of the courses, they are fixed according to the number of people who come, so you need to be in a group. You can find Concept Chocolat at Rue des Chardons in Schaerbeek. 



Do not hesitate to visit the websites of these workshops for more information. 


You now have a choice to make between all these brands that are so appealing. We wish you an excellent tasting and a fun class when you go to a workshop to make your own chocolate. 


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