Who are you Jeanneke ?

Olivia Regout. Patrimoine

07 Mar 2017, 00:03 Last Updated: 16 May 2020, 11:05

Why should wild pee in the city centre be a privilege reserved for little boys ?

Who are you Jeanneke ?
Who are you Jeanneke ?

If Julien, aka Manneken Pis, is the star of Brussels, he is not the only one possessing this bottomless bladder feature ... More discreetly, his sister Jeanneke drops her panties at the end of the “impasse de la Fidélité” (fidelity dead-end) ... In the « Pis » family, I ask the sister : Jeanneke ! Like any self-respecting people from Brussels, you know that the siblings consist of the famous big brother, the little jeanne and the dog, Zinneke Pis. And this time, ladies first ... 

Impasse de la fidélité

Pass the picturesque Rue des Bouchers and sneak through the end of the “impasse de la fidélité” to get acquainted with this 50 cm statue. The fountain of the little squatting girl is much more recent than its famous male counterpart. It was sculpted in 1985 at the initiative of the artist Denis Adrien Debouvrie.

While many denounce the poor taste of the work, the sculptor said he saw in Jeanneke "a way to establish equality between Man and Woman." Gossipers will rather highlight the commercial interest of the statue located in an unknown alley where the initiator of the project owned several restaurants. And with good reason the alley today brings many tourists and the trades of the Ilot Sacré rejoice !

But let's not be too quick to disparage the little girl ! Jeanneke Pis and the "Jeanneke" association work together to support medical research against cancer.

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