With auberge espagnole from Atrium: own a shop without risks

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 16 Mar 2016, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:40)
With auberge espagnole from Atrium: own a shop without risks
Located in the heart of the European quarter, the pop-up store is launching a new call for candidates! It allows you to test your commercial project over a period of three months by taking advantage of a preferential rent as well as coaching from Atrium.Brussels, part of the Regional Agency of Commerce.

Getting started in a new business is not easy. Administrative procedures, financing, sometimes the road is strewn with pitfalls... Not to mention the doubts: what if your product does not appeal? To give a boost to creators and craftsmen and offer them a place to test their products, for almost a year , Atrium.Brussels and the town of Etterbeek are offering the Auberge Espagnole, a pop-up store, for 100% European products.

Already extremely successful, this ephemeral store is now seeking new tenants for a period starting on November 1, 2017. You can register at [email protected]


The sixty-five square metre "ephemeral" shop is located at number 331 on the Chaussée de Wavre, just a stone's throw from Place Jourdan in Etterbeek. The commercial space is modular and a number of creators, artisans or artists can occupy it at the same time. The rent is low: €350 per month. "Tenants" also receive personalised coaching.

All kinds of businesses (apart from catering) are eligible, and the concept must be based on European products: Scandinavian furniture, Italian leather goods, Belgian beers... In short, products designed, manufactured or representing Europe.

Urban Gardener 

Humour, cocktails and terrariums

Among the previous tenants,Drink it Fresh, talks about the real value added, especially in terms of media coverage. Urban Gardener , which produces terrariums, or mini-biotopes for interiors, found the coaching sessions "very diversified, complete, and above all, useful". Finally, 'Mieu', a concept store in the field of decoration, said " the pop-up store allows you to experiment with the sale and selection of products. But also to learn more about the potential clientele, which for them turned out to be different from the one they expected: older and more masculine! "... In short, the initial feedback is rather positive.

Your business could be next! The call for applications for the end of 2017 is now open. You have until June 5th to let us know. More information on Atrium.Brussels .

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