Wood Wide Web: the first virtual urban forest in Brussels

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13 Feb 2018, 11:02 Last Updated: 04 Jun 2020, 09:06

From February 15th, Brussels Urbanism and Heritage launches Wood Wide Web!

Wood Wide Web: the first virtual urban forest in Brussels
Wood Wide Web: the first virtual urban forest in Brussels

Wood Wide Web?

Wood Wide Web is a tool for popularization and awareness of the living heritage of Brussels. This tool will grow a real and virtual urban forest in our capital.

This initiative was devised by Threetwoshoot vzw with the help of the Brussels-Capital Region and Minister-President Rudi Vervoort. Wood Wide Web is intended for the general public to promote Brussels' living heritage through interactive platforms and activities in the field.

Brussels is full of trees, flowers, plants that few Brussels people know and this initiative is there to make people discover the natural habitat that surrounds them.

"The aim of this experience is to inspire people in Brussels to appreciate the trees in the city, to invite them to take care of them, and, who knows, maybe even to plant them sustainably. A magnificent participatory project and citizen that finds its place in this year 2018, European Year of Cultural Heritage. "Says Rudi Vervoort.

The virtual platform will be put online as of February 15th and it will consist of an interactive and evolving atlas that will allow to geolocate trees and to link various contents: texts, illustrations, photos, audio, video, VR. .

Each month, a variety of emblematic trees will be honored on the platform, this will grow this virtual forest as and when. Wood Wide Web will bring together scientists, nature guides, artists, collectives, associations, institutions, cultural operators, collectives and citizens around geolocated trees.

The Wood Wide Web project will be specific until autumn for the city of Brussels and as soon as this new season arrives, the initiative will extend beyond Brussels. Brussels residents are invited to grow this forest in two ways:

• either on the web with their own contributions: add their favorite trees to the Atlas, enrich the platform with their media, propose activities, animations, or tree courses.

• in the field: the public will be invited to adopt, take care of, and plant trees.

The actors of the Wood Wide Web project will be there to help and support the participants of this very beautiful initiative. It is important to understand the nature around us and to know it. Wood Wide Web is a beautiful project to teach youngsters about nature in the city and it's an experience that will be dynamic and accessible to everyone.

Source: Wood Wide Web Press Release

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