A family weekend at Seaside

BrusselsLife Team.

05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 03 Apr 2013, 14:04

The 14 Belgian resorts each have their own attractions.

In Knokke, is best known for its nature reserve, called the Zwin. With 110 species of birds, it is one of the last remaining protected natural areas on the coast. Also definitely worth a visit is the butterfly garden , containing over 300 species living in a giant glass house.

More artificial, and far less natural is the avenue Lippens a favourite with all lovers of luxury goods. There are more than 1500 exclusive boutiques here, all contained within a few square kilometres.

Parents who want to spend a day with the children (and also enjoy themselves!) will visit the Vélodrome joyeux in Blankenberg, where you can try a whole range of different bikes on an oval circuit, all weirder and more wonderful than each other.

Close to La Panne, the Plopsaland amusement park is perfect for little ones. Its many rides mean younger children can pretend to be a fireman (jouer au pompier), take a safari (faire un safari ), or even visit Big & Betsy's farm (la ferme de Big & Betsy).

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