Avoid Traffic Jams When Returning From Work


05 Dec 2010, 05:12 Last Updated: 13 Jul 2017, 09:07

Already a little while ago, the Flemish Verkeercentrum (equivalent to the Walloon Centre Perex) enabled motorists to see how the traffic was flowing on the major Flemish roads, and then on the Antwerp Orbital. Now, commuters going to and from Brussels can also use this service by accessing the Flemish Verkeercentrum website.

The system is both simple and practical. It enables you to see, at a glance and in real time, fourteen strategic points of the Brussels Orbital such as the cloverleaf intersections at Grand-Bigard, Zaventem, Sint Stevens Woluwe, Carrefour Léonard, Machelen or the great road junctions such as Sterebeek, Wemmel, Overijse, Machelen, Meise, Ternat, Wezembeek-Oppem, Vilvoorde and Grimbergen. The advantage of this system is that it provides information in real time.

The website also gives traffic information in greater detail. If one of the screens is showing a jam, you can get to know the reason why (road works, accident, breakdown) and thus calculate how long the congestion might last and change your route even before you get into your vehicle.