Back to your roots with the foreign stores


24 May 2011, 05:05 Last Updated: 28 Mar 2018, 15:03

Throughout its history, Belgium has been recognized as a land of immigration.

The installation of European institutions has strengthened this phenomenon in the past decades. Arriving in Brussels, these expats from every nation have enriched the city with their own cultures, languages and gastronomy... These expats gathered by affinity. Thus, "Flagey" became the stronghold for the Portuguese. The Spanish found refuge in "Saint-Gilles" whereas the French established residency at "Uccle". True communities developed and organized themselves, which included the opening of specialized grocery stores.

Flavours of Asia

Let's start our gourmet stroll in the city centre, by the mini Chinatown of Brussels. Kam Yuen Supermarket settled between the “Bourse" and place Sainte Catherine. At the top of avenue Louise, Tagawa is the second inescapable such cuisine location of Brussels.

Sunshine, sunshine...

In the shadows of the "Porte de Hal", Casa Tella's pride and joy reside in its Iberico ham. Olives, turron, wines, all of Spain is in your plate. You will even dine on Spanish time as doors stay open until 8pm. A little detour by "Flagey" is worth your time to push open the doors of Os Sabores do Portugal and to peck at its shelves filled with fine Portuguese products. At the outskirts of Brussels, in Drogenbos, Italia Autentica proposes 2.500 products of the finest Italian brands. It’s tea time at Stone Manor.

The largest British store in Belgium, made up of 3 floors in Everberg, boasts more than 18.000 products of every type such as groceries, cosmetics, stationary, cheeses, books, DVDs and videos, cooking supplies, furniture, drinks, American products ... Eastern bloc is not left out. Hungarom at the "Chaussée de Waterloo" in Ixelles. Gagarine at "la Chasse". The Russian food store at the "Boulevard de l’Empereur " located at the foot of the "Sablon". The Sklep Polski in "Saint-Josse". A wide choice to choose from ...

Expats of every nationality have also called Waterloo home. An opportunity to visit the mound of the Lion and to take a shopping break at Scanshop (133, chaussée de Tervuren in Waterloo.) This charming store will delight the fans of Nordic food and design. From Aquavit to meatballs to Icelandic lemonade, Scanshop will make sure to bring you back to your roots. Take note: the book aisle offers a range of local and international magazines. On the mainstream side, the furniture stores of the famous Swedish giant offer their famous meatballs for sale in their frozen food department. Find them in Anderlecht or Zaventem.

Finally, back in Brussels for a digestive walk. The Oxfam World stores offer a large range of products originating from all over the globe in agreement with fair Trade practices.