Bathrooms in Brussels that you just must use

Written by Frédéric Solvel - 28 May 2021, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:35)
Bathrooms in Brussels that you just must use
In a city where relieving oneself in public is well respected in the form of a bronze statue, the opportunities for a bathroom break can sometime be quite unique. Here’s where you need to go…

To start off this trip, we bring you to the 27th floor of The Hotel. Once you’re free of the four walls of privacy, head to the sink and see this fabulous view of downtown. 


Coed bathrooms

Centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire, latrines are still not ‘has been’. The bravest of all the Gaule peoples still get together at Clan des Belges to relieve themselves. Girls don’t have to stop their discussions and can make sure that Mister washes his hands. 

[Clan des Belges]

Same idea near the Ixelles cemetery, but in an even more perverse way. The ladies and mens bathroom at Waff seem to be well separated. But the one-way mirror allows the girls to have a surprising view on their other halves busy fixing their hair.

At the Chicago Café, you can go pee with the whole family. The youngest don’t have to worry about balancing themselves anymore, thanks to the miniature toilets just for them!

[Chicago Café]


Gentlemen only

Emptying one’s bladder in the urination stalls flanking the walls of the Sainte-Catherine church is a privilege reserved to men. A pretty awesome privilege for the lesser church-goers out there.

In the very serious area around NATO and the quite luxurious Stanhope Hotel, peeing has a purpose! In both cases, it’s all about peeing on the bomb or on the candle in the bottom of the urinal to avoid all catastrophes. Brussels connoisseurs will obviously see the analogy to one of the legends of Manneken-Pis.

[OTAN (bombe) & Stanhope (bougie)]


Tired of the classic urinals. The bathrooms in the wine bar of the Mouchart establishments were designed just for you! After a little wine, head to the barrel that has been transformed into a urinal.

On board the Tram Experience, guys should do like everybody and go sitting down to avoid any accidents when, unexpectedly, the tram gets moving.

[Tram Experience]


Surprises at the Quincaillerie where the water wall serves as the urine target for guys. More than one, a little drunk, has been the unfortunately surprised when they leaned on it…

At a restaurant

Before being seated, to call somebody in private or in the case of some quick digestion, our visits to restaurants often include a trip to the bathroom. An area that is sometimes really worth the detour…

In a couple of years, one or another urban legend will surely speak of the disappearance of a customer at Belga Queen: it’s their toilets’ faults whose walls don’t become opaque until after the door is locked.


Nothing embarrasses you more than the sound coming from the bottom of the toilet? The Dominican figured out a solution! The soft melody of monks singing (Dominican, of course) covers up the usual cacophony in this sort of location.

You’d like to extend your stay on your throne? At Houtsiplou, imagination reigns supreme! Chalk is at your disposal, and the walls are your board. It’s all erased Monday morning, and we start over! If constipation is your problem, try the restrooms at Epaulé Jeté. Start your laundry and take your time. Unless you wouldn’t rather enjoy a little animated show under the stares of many at Fils à Maman in the Châtelain.


Is there a line? Rather than cursing, recite a couple of Hail Mary’s in front of the statue of the Virgin in the Deux Frères

[Les 2 Frères]


I don’t need to, we’re going anyway!

Two more places for the road. The Greenwich and their bathrooms keep the same theme as the rest of the establishment: Art deco! At Brooklyn 469, you can get to the bathrooms through a door disguised as an armoire. It’s the bathrooms of Narnia!


And finally, we would feel bad not reminding you that only Manneken, Jeanneke, and Zinneke-Pis are exempt from peeing anywhere besides toilets. Breaking this rule can cost you a 100€ tax and a fine up to 250€.

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