Bike experience 2015

BrusselsLife Team.

05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 20 May 2016, 08:05

Brussels' cycling associations are getting together to offer motorists the opportunity to try life as a cyclist. From the 27th April to the 8th of May 2015, people can trade in their cars for a bicycle and make their daily trips to work or to the children's school on 2 wheels instead of 4...

The Bike Experience : adopt cycling

The Bike Experience is aimed at motorists who are in Brussels for short distances ... They are encouraged to take the bike and leave their cars at home for two weeks at the beginning where they receive theoretical and practical training and coaching for 3 days (morning and evening), a seasoned cyclist on their first trips home and work.

Support optimal for the first pedal strokes

A motorist who wants to get on a bike in Brussels is not very reassuring and he or she may have a lot of questions! The coach will give answers directly and personally, whether on safety, equipment, or athletics needed. The coach will be the "role model" and will enable them to take the bike for a day ... and forever. Candidates 'future cyclists' register on from 23 March 2015.

Seeking experienced cyclists 

To accompany these 250 cyclists grass, a group of experienced cyclists is formed. The call is open to all members of cycling associations in Brussels as well as any cyclist who volunteer will feel like actively participating in mobility. Each attendant will receive a 2 hour "coach training" by staff associations. The participant will meet the candidate for the first time during the first two days of launch. He will oversee his "biker" during the first 3 days of the experience on his or her way home from work. He will receive a present and a coachkit. So, anyone? Registrations for coaches of the Bike Experience can register on the site