Blütcher : longboard club

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Written by BrusselsLife Team - 19 Dec 2011, 00:00 (Updated: 26 Feb 2018, 15:17)
Blütcher : longboard club
Who are those unknown peeps riding peacefully on the European Parliament's esplanade when you go back home? We've met them for you... The Blütcher Longboard Club unites the Belgian longboarders and plans a lot of events such as free rides, barbecue and many more!


Obviously, longboard is a longer variant version of skateboard... But there is more, its size is different and so is its use. With this board, different sorts of activities are possible: - The downhillor riding down hills as far as possible. The speeds of a good downhill can reach 100km/h. To protect your ass, you'd better use body amours and helmets... - The cruising or ride to start softly, makes you ride peacefully. Normal skateboards can be used in cruising but longboard is more pleasant and faster. The true fans practice it as a real discipline and take delight in riding peacefully down the streets. Just slide from your home to your work, this is a very green, fun and economical vehicle! - The slalom, no trick, this is of course about riding across a skate round, avoiding hazards. - The carving generally practiced on gentle slopes, this is a way of skating by making many turns. These wipeouts are similar to snowboard's movements. Each one of these activities requires specific board equipments. The size, trucks and wheels can be different, in order to provide comfort to the skaters.


This is an improbable story, when Belgian longboarders didn't have any real longboard contests... During a soap box derby (true story), some mates got into a longbaord group... In 2004, after doing some free rides together, the collective decided to found the Blütcher longboard Clüb, to promote their passion. Blütcher comes from a spot well known by its founder members: the Blütcher Street in Waterloo. Today, the club has several activities. On the one hand, it organizes a lot of international and national events, such as Wallonhill in Belgium. On the other hand, the club offers 100% made in Belgium boards! Each board is one of a kind, designed by Denis Meyer. The drawing printed on fabric is stuck thanks to a process which makes damages almost impossible. Follow their news and events or shop on Blütcher website!Kriss Gutierrez Cuervo

Tof or not?

What is your tof café?Les Fontaines, in Saint-Pierre What is your tof place for a nice evening? Luxembourg Place to go riding. What is your tof place for a nice Sunday? The Bois de la Cambre, closed to traffic. What is your tof place to flesh out your cultural skills?Facebook, to be aware of the new exhibitions. If you had to take a foreign friend for a tour of Brussels, where would you take him first?To the Marolles district, because there are a lot of cool places where artists exhibit. What is the toffest stuff in Brussels? This is a small city where everyone knows everyone. Moreover, people are approachable and open-minded. What isn't toff in Brussels? The STIB. Tell us if this idea is tof or not? - a floating pool on Brussels canal? It would be really disgusting!

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