Brussels on saddle

Written by Baudouin Van Humbeeck - 07 Dec 2009, 00:00 (Updated: 04 May 2020, 08:34)
Brussels on saddle
From beginner to advanced, owner or casual rider, Brussels and its outskirts are filled with riding tailored to individual needs.

A large majority of accepting rides in their facilities, horse owner and provide tutoring or community for all levels.

In the equestrian clubs, children and horses are often related through internships during the school holidays, birthday parties, but also private lessons or group on Wednesdays and weekends. Some centers are even specialized in "Pony Club". Your toddler will be supervised by professionals that they will not only discover the joys of riding but all caring for horses. The Pony Paradise and the Amazon in Anderlecht, the Merry Horse and Chevalerie in Rhode Saint Genèse, the Manege du Possible in Watermael-Boitsfort, the Relais Equestre de Groenendaal, the Pom Pom Pony at Uccle and Drags at Hoeilaart offer children a variety of fun activities related to horses (pony-games, obstacle, walking, acrobatics, horse-ball, creative workshops, ...)

People with a physical or mental disability, a disabled or disability have not been forgotten. Increasingly equestrian centers offer hippotherapy sessions. This is where the Pony Paradise Anderlecht and ride the Centaurs in Woluwe Saint Lambert. Twenty rides are at the edge of the forest Soignes and offer a range of horseback riding. You will then discover the forest life and its secrets while watching the game and enjoying the lush surrounding. The Gaillemarde, Green Corner, the Horse's Friend Stables, the Musette, Relais equestre de Groenendaal, Royal Etrier Belge, the Drags, Chevalerie and Merry Horse offer organized walks in the forest. The Pom Pom Pony deals, meanwhile, of awakening to the educational nature of 3 to 7 years.

Some centers also offer more creative activities such as lectures on horse-ball (the Gaillemarde, the Drags and the Manege du Possible) or initiations to the coupling (the Cercle Royal l'Oxer) as well as natural horsemanship for all levels (Manège du Possible). The Lord Newcastle Stables holds even riding courses and language combined lessons saddle mounts, work on foot and long reins. From day hikes or even a weekend (crossing rivers in the Ardennes, discover magnificent landscapes of Brabant, gallop on the beaches of the North Sea, ...) will give you incredible sensations. The Drags, Relais equestre de Groenendaal and Centaurs offer of super-finding trips on horseback.

Old tradition in the Belgian Ardennes, the horse has gradually disappeared from our forests for economic reasons. Nevertheless, our flat country is still known for its draft breeds such as Brabant and Ardennes The association "Cheval et Forêt" has made the bold gamble to reintroduce the draft horse in the forest Soignes, primarily for educational purposes but also for him to perform tasks now done by tractors and other machinery that damage too often vegetation. "Cheval et Forêt" Association holds:• Demonstrations of hauling (transporting felled trees) in forest Soignes.• Demonstrations of hookers on the site of Red Monastery and School. You can attend this "homecoming" at the site of Red Monastery (17, Avenue Keyen 1160 Brussels). Brussels and its surroundings therefore offer a wide range of possibilities from which to meet the noblest conquest of man's horse. Charlotte Stock

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