BrusselsLife with Lionel Rigolet

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 06 Dec 2006, 00:00 (Updated: 13 Aug 2015, 09:06)
BrusselsLife with Lionel Rigolet
Lionel Rigolet, Pierre Wynants' son-in-law? Yes, it's true, he has taken over, with gusto and already a year ago, the gastronomic temple on Place Rouppe in Brussels. But Lionel Rigolet does not exist solely in reference to his father-in-law.

Lionel Rigolet is Lionel Rigolet

Lionel Rigolet is Lionel Rigolet. One fine day, he had the excellent idea of meeting, then marrying Laurence Wynants, the daughter of a three-star chef. Since then, it's true, he has no longer been able to leave the kitchen or the world of gastronomy. Nonetheless, he is not his father-in-law. Even if like him, Lionel is able to lambaste his team of cooks with aplomb, his rather marked Brussels accent gives him a local touch key that no-one on the world would reproach him for, even if it can conflict with the great style of Comme Chez Soi. Thank God, Lionel and Laurence have already started to prepare the relief. And between the service for her and the ovens for him, they can find moments for their two children. Thus, every morning, after the fresh produce market, these two future-three-stars are taken to school by their chef of a father. Nobody knows what they have in their lunch box, but in the canteen, it must make people envious. Matthieu Lethé

Tof or not ?

First of all, where do you live ? Behind the restaurant, for 4 years. Your TOF coffee? Belga. Your TOF restaurant? Le Fourneau. Your TOF place for spending a good evening? Les Jeux d'Hiver. Your TOF place for spending a good Sunday? A family walk in the Bois de la Cambre. Your TOF place for developing your culture capital (cinema, theatre, museum, show)? No time, I can only develop my gastronomical culture? Your TOF district of Brussels? The Sablon or the Grand'Place. If you had to make a visit to Brussels with a foreign friend, where would you take him or her first? To the Grand'Place. What's your TOF thing about Brussels? What is that means that you would never move from Brussels? You can find anything at any time there. What's really not your TOF thing about Brussels? What you would make flee from Brussels? Insecurity, cleanliness. Tell us if this idea is TOF or not TOF? - A floating swimming pool on the canal?TOF, but only if it is well heated. - Congestion tax for cars?Not TOF - No smoking in restaurants and bars?TOF, but with some exceptions for smokers. - A ban on chip shops?Not TOF! Never, I adore them!

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