Carnivorous Brussels, where to eat good meat?

Written by Baudouin Van Humbeeck - (Updated: 13 Sep 2022, 10:09)
Carnivorous Brussels, where to eat good meat?
Vegetarians already have their article. So it's about time to explore the carnivorous side of the force! Our editorial decided to draw up a list of the best places to find good meat in Brussels. Dry aged, grilled, smoked... What do you prefer?

Avis à tous les amateurs de chair et de sang. Si vous aussi vous cherchez où manger de la viande à Bruxelles, voici nos meilleures adresses.

Are you dreaming of a juicy piece of meat, cooked exactly like you want it? Well, we're about to grant you that wish! In a time when mass production of meat has devastating consequences on our environment, decided to provide great meat, perhaps not as often, but with much better products. Piggy banks beware...

A la mode

The cult of good meat still has some sunny days ahead. Next to landmark restaurants like Vincent or Chumadia, there is also a wave of newbies arriving in Brussels. Some of them have already settled in as true carnivorous references.

The restaurant Caves d’Alex, located in Ixelles for the past 3 years, is already considered a specialist in refined meats. The very recent Colonel is THE inescapable address of the moment, but it might lose its position of favorite... In February 2015, the Irish butcher Jack O'Shea is opening its restaurant and it might very well be the "new place to be".

On the menu of these restaurants? Simmental, Black Angus, Limousine, Charolaise, Wagyu… But the stars of the moment are dry aged meat: understand here that they are kept for quite some time in a cold room so its flavours come out and the meat almost melts in your mouth.

On the grill

In Brussels restaurant, meat is usually cooked on the grill. Among the addresses to remember, write down the following: La Braise, the Grillardin, the Hoef 1627, aux Pavés de Bruxelles, the Auberg’in… And many more!

Near the place Bethléem, you can also enjoy small bones Greek-style, while the restaurants Meet Meat and Mi Tango will serve you a real Argentinian steak.

If you are a "minced meat in between two pieces of bread" lover, that's totally fine as well. Brussels is full of burger restaurants.

Near Cureghem

If you want to buy your own meat, what's better than getting it at the source. The Cureghem slaughterhouse opens its market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm. Forty butchers will provide you with fresh, varied and cheap products. A Michelin star was actually awarded a few meters from there: the brasserie La Paix is known for its talent to cook good meat.

Mister butcher, I'd like to buy some meat

Your neighborhood butcher is probably the best person to ask about such products. But for special occasions, we can definitely recommend you to go near Sainte Catherine or the Schuman area to visit the Jack O'Shea butchers. The reputation of this Irish butcher is international, especially for his Angus beef with fresh herbs and cereals.

In Ixelles, the butcher's Roland is well-known throughout the city. And if you want to try the same sausages that the King and Queen of Belgium eat, the Saint-Hubert butcher's will be happy to welcome you.

But what is gooood in usually expensive. This particularly goes well for the butcher's at Rob. The high-end supermarket has many of the most famous meats for the pleasure of everyone's taste: the famous beefs Wagyu and Kobé for example This Japanese meat was fed with rice straws and beer. But beware: some of them are sold for 120€ a kilo...

Bon appétit !

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