Choosing your tennis club in Brussels

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20 May 2021, 00:05 Last Updated: 20 May 2021, 16:05

Small intimate clubs or large ones, inside or outside courts, clay or synthetic turf ?

Choosing your tennis club in Brussels
Choosing your tennis club in Brussels

The oldest clubs of Brussels

Be part of one of Belgium's oldest tennis clubs in Brussels. Many facilities offer prestigious and unique settings : the Brussels Lawn Tennis Club, RTHC Wellington, the Réserve du Roseau, the Royal Orée THB, the Royal La RasanteForest Domaine...

Are you rather « British » style and tradition oriented? You prefer to perform on synthetic lawn like a Wimbledon tennis legend. Try the courts at the Royal Racing Club of Brussels or at the Royal Léopold club.

The Royal Léopold club which insiders have renamed « le Léo » offers an incredible variety of courts . A number of those are furthermore open year round. Clay, french court, synthetic turf, greenset (US open) or indoor courts (in chevron or super soft slide), you will just have to choose the surface most adapted to your legwork and game style!

All the clubs in your neighborhood

You are looking for a tennis club close by ? Discover the complete clubs list in Brussels, by municipality on the site of AFT . Conduct your due diligence. Visit the clubs of interest and ask all necessary information regarding court fees, your subscription, tennis courts or clinics.

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