Geoffrey Van Hove

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05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 26 Feb 2018, 15:02

Geoffrey Van Hove is a Belgian skater famous on the European skating scene. With his 20 years of experience he is now ready to create Homemade skateboards.

Like most of the skaters, Geoffrey began skating when he was a teenager, about his 14 years. For that matter, he started practicing in one of the few warmed up Belgian skateparks, located in Wavre not far from his house. Few years later, sponsors will help him to survive with his passion: skating. He made the most of this situation by showing his talent across Europe and USA. Even if his favorite spots, the missed Yard, are located in Utrecht, not far from home. However if he had to choose a country, he would choose Spain because of its great spots and its sun of course. He has started Homemade skateboards in September 2010 and he also became a sponsor for two other skaters: Lionel Krop and Kevin Tshala. Homemade is a boards brand and its aim is to help Belgium local skaters a lot and to promote the Belgian scene too. Geoffrey Van Hove is one of the few people able to live from their passion. And in any case, when he is not riding, he is shooting videos for board sports brands and when he is not shooting, he is managing Homemade! Kriss Gutierrez Cuervo

Tof or not?

Your tof café? The Dna

Your tof place for a fine evening? It doesn't matter, I just need to be with some good mates.

Your tof place for a pleasant Sunday?On a skate. Sunday is the best day because the city is empty!

Your tof place where to improve your cultural skills? (laugh).

What is the toffest stuff in Brussels? Brussels peeps spirit.

What is not tof at all in Brussels ? The weather.

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