Home-made cosmetics

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Home-made cosmetics
It's the new rising trend of the beauty blogosphere, creating your own cosmetics has become almost as easy as buying them in store. Brusselslife deciphers this new beauty method for you.

Creating your own beauty products is an interesting alternative to the traditional cosmetics that are often frowned upon for their questionable ingredients. But in creating your own compositions, you will above all be learning. You will gain exceptional knowledge of the richness of natural products and you will rapidly be able to customize them to fit your needs. We do not pretend we will teach you everything on this vast subject but we wish to provide you with the basics necessary to take your first steps in the world of homemade cosmetics.

Moisturizing cream : directions for use

Moisturizing creams are one of the foundations of beauty. The following are the necessary basic ingredients needed for your own creation : an oily phase, a liquid phase, some emulsifiers, and a preservative. Like anything, there are basics that need to be taught in order to start. Here are the must haves indispensable for your creations.


Grape seed oil, olive oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil ... there are many different sorts of oils and the list of their properties is often infinite. Jojoba oil Particularities : Its composition, similar to human sebum, enables it to be well tolerated by the skin and hair. Properties: softening, calming and healing. Suitable for all skin types. Argan oil Particularities: Increasingly fashionable over the past few years, its price has exploded as well as its demand. Properties: Anti-aging and nourishing. This oil adapts in particular to very dry and mature skin types. It is also used to fortify and make hair shiny. Castor oilParticularities: Available in all good pharmacies. Properties: It possesses purifying qualities and heals damaged skin. It is particularly requested for its action of growth on hair and nails. What could you want more ?


Hydrolats are used in the liquid phase of the creation of creams. Every plant and flower can produce hydrolats which makes for an almost unlimited choice available to you. The most popular are those of orange blossom and rose. They all possess different properties and can add perfume to your creation.

Essential oils

Essential oils have been used since the beginning of time to heal the sicknesses of our ancestors. These therapeutic liquids are to be used with caution. Avoid using them pure and dilute them in oils or hydrolats. Their use is extremely inadvisable for children and pregnant women. Tea tree essential oil Particularities: From the leaves which provide its essence, it seems that this oil has a list of properties capable of making any antibiotic envious. Properties: Anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory, those who suffer from acne will appreciate its qualities. Ylang ylang essential oilParticularities: This aphrodisiac oil is very aromatic and suitable for romantic massages. Properties: It is mainly used for hair treatment, enabling them to retrieve their strength, vitality and glossy nature.

Emulsifiers and preservatives

You probably know that water and oil do not mix. Emulsifiers therefore act as a mixer in order to obtain a smooth and creamy lotion. Preservatives are necessary in a water based preparation. Vitamin E and grapefruit seed extracts are natural preservatives by excellence! To note : When using oils ( without adding water or hydrolats ), it is not necessary to add preservatives. They are naturally rich in Vitamin E which is a natural preservative. Keep note that discipline and concentration are needed in order to create successful and quality products. Amateur chemists, get to work !

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