How to find your way around Belgian beers


22 Apr 2010, 05:04 Last Updated: 29 Aug 2017, 12:08

Everyone knows that Belgium is beer country. With more than 450 different brews, the number of varieties of this drink made from hops is enough to make your head spin, and it can also be used in cooking! There are, in fact, three beer groups...

Low fermentation

The first, called low fermentationbeers, dates back to 1840, and is more commonly known as Pils or lager. Its light, fresh taste make it a very popular drink, representing over 90 % of all world beer production.

High fermentation

More closely linked to Belgian tradition, high fermentation beers lso known as tasting beers usually have a higher alcohol content than « Pils ». Some examples are amber beers, "Trappistes", Strong Pils and Regional Beers. With less alcohol, seasonal beers and "Blanches" end the list of this second category.

Spontaneous fermentation

Lastly, the third category with spontaneous fermentation is produced in Brussels and surrounding areas.

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