Jogging in Brussels

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Written by Frédéric Solvel - 21 Jul 2009, 00:00 (Updated: 18 Apr 2019, 18:21)
Jogging in Brussels
Jogging is one of the most accessible sports available. Just put your shoes on, slam the door and off you go! Here is your guide to do it in Brussels.

Get Ready...

Before pounding the pavement, make sure you are properly equipped. We will leave the choice of clothing up to you but would strongly recommend going to a specialist shop for your shoes.

Why? Well your running shoe depends on many factors besides just the size of your foot. Your body weight, the type of terrain and the distance you usually run play in to what shoe you should wear. Try out Jogging Plus in the European area, Trakks in Uccle or Training 7 in Auderghem. Expect to pay 80 - 130 euros for a good pair of running shoes.

Get set...

Opposite the Royal Palace, the park going by the same name bustles with jogging activity! Even Nicolas Sarkozy was once seen here before attending a European summit meeting. Joggers of all levels can be found here at all times. Beware that you will be faced with a tough decision upon entry... one must choose to run clockwise or the others... Keep your eyes peeled, some collective training sessions are regularily organised there. At the other end of Rue de la Loi, the Parc du Cinquantenaire is just as popular. Brussels has much more to offer - follow the guide to the Top 10 places to run in Brussels.

Go! :: training

Training alone is good, but training in a group is better! To help you out, we have selectionned a series of running clubs in Brussels. For residents of the Woluwé-Saint-Lambert municipality, Kuristo organizes runs starting from the Fallon stadium. This is a supportive group who lets you run at your own pace. Also in Woluwé is the club L'enjambée woluwé located at SPORTCITY. They organize 2 training sessions a week.

Next we have the non-profi Les Lendemains De La Veille (The Morning After). This is a funny name, but their training could not be more serious. The sessions take place every Wednesday night at the Neder-Over-Heembeek athletic center. Finally, we have the CEPAL (Centre d'Entraînement et de Préparation à l'Allure Libre) which offers training for athletes of all levels, three times a week at the Trois Tilleuls stadium, and on Sunday starting at the parking lot at the Drève des Enfants Noyés.

There are many more track and field clubs that allow joggers to participate during their practices. More information on&

Go! :: competitions

If you want to participate in a race, you should definitely consider the popular 20 km events. There are many opportunities to get to pin on that race number, but we have picked out a couple for you: Jogging, races in Brussels. Feel free to enjoy one of the many jogging opportunities in the Forêt de Soignes as well.

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