The big pow-wows of spa guests wearing little or no clothing around a pool do not tug at your heartstrings. Does the idea of enjoying, face to face or within a group, a space dedicated to your well-being further awaken your curiosity? You are at the right place.

For a moment of romance, a girls night out or just to relax, the private spa option is to consider without delay! The principle? A space where you are the only master on board. No neighbours, no people staring, no one to judge you! At your disposal: sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, swimming pool and sometimes treatments and massages.

Address Book

Among the many addresses of its kind, the BrusselsLife team has its little preferences. At the heart of the city, close to the office or home, we have selected for you the centre O Siam that transports you to Bali for the length of a sauna or a hammam.

In the immediate periphery, close to Zaventem, Oxygen House took up residence in a grand Flemish Brabant villa. We find the classics of the genre with a touch of Feng Shui. At Melsbroek, the private sauna Lagoon is managed by the team of Thermae Grimbergen , a guarantee of quality. On the other side of Brussels, in Vilvorde, do not be afraid to push open the doors of Aqua Heaven .

Eight fully equipped spaces offer as many different atmospheres for your moment of relaxation. A trip under the tropics, Roman antiquity or romance under a starry sky, the choice is wide. The Lakonia, a little further away, in Antwerp, has thoroughly mastered the game. The result? Pools in the middle of which grew some oases of well-being. Vincent Depreay