Strava, the app that makes you run faster!

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Written by Frédéric Solvel - 13 Jan 2014, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:29)
Strava, the app that makes you run faster!
Happy owners of smartphones and other GPS devices used for athletic reasons, here is the platform that will revolutionize your vision of training. It’s a social network entirely dedicated to performance and compares it to your friends: the app Strava!

Strava allows you to manage different courses and athletic performances like many other apps in this category (Runtastic, Endomondo or RunKeeper). So why use Strava? For the KOM’s, CR’s, trophies and other medals! Read on…

KOM & CR, Strava vocab

In addition to the traditional functions offered by this type of app, Strava introduces the notion of segments. A segment is a portion of a course that will be timed and recorded… If you get the best time, you will be called the KOM: King of the Mountain. KOM titles are for cyclist version of the app and the less intense designation CR (Course Record) is left for runners.

Do you keep challenging the KOM without quite getting it? You still have a chance for a trophy! This is the prize for the 10 best performances. And even if the KOM is really unattainable, you can always compare your segment performance with those of your friends. Medals are given to your personal performances and are thus a useful measure of your progression and are steps towards the KOM…

Downside to the medals is that Strava quickly becomes an addiction. You will find yourself chasing after the KOM, CR and other trophies on different segments. The most addicted among the addicted get their doping with

Strava in Brussels

If Brussels is absent from the top three most popular cycling segments, the (over) run Cinquantenaire Park is the course for the first place in the jogging category.

More than 100 people attempted to take the KOM of the Cinquantenaire. Currently for the guys, the best performance is 7min. 26 sec. for 2,200 meters while for the women, the record is at 10:54. Will you be the next King of Cinquantenaire? The Bois de la Cambre, the Ixelles Ponds and many other segments are waiting for you.

Brussels cyclists have long fought for the KOM of the Forest National hill before Gijs Vanhoecke (pro cyclist in the Topsport Vlaanderen team) came to set the record during the second stage of the Eneco Tour in August 2013. The next door Rue du Mystère is still unattainable… The hilly areas of the capital offer a number of possibilities to challenge yourself: the climb by Botanique, the hills of Bois de la Cambre or the long uphill towards Tervuren starting from the Mellaerts ponds.

Not only can you accumulate KOM’s, trophies and other medals, you can also follow your friends and compliment them for their accomplishments. You can also follow the pros that use the app. Strava, your new training partner!

iPhone application: Strava Running | Strava Cycling
Androïd application: Strava Running | Strava Cycling

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