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20 Dec 2012, 08:12 Last Updated: 06 Jan 2014, 09:01

The combination of students and final exams is not a pretty sight. Haggard faces, disheveled hair and huge bags under the eyes. Could this be the result of three weeks of intensive revision? BrusselsLife has quite a different theory. Discover the mistakes that you students continue to make year after year.

"Today, I rest..."

... so I can start up in good shape tomorrow. Procrastination, have you heard of it? It is this trend that is all the rage for the 15-25 year olds which consists of pushing everything back. The problem with procrastination is obvious. You end up not having enough time and are left to calculate the number of pages that must be studied per hour to successfully process any subject before the exam. 35 pages/hour. Reasonable, right?

"I'll watch just one episode of Walking Dead to relax"

Caution, no one said students do not have the right to take breaks! But taking repetitive breaks to watch TV does not seem the smartest. And yourself, dear student, you know very well that you'll find yourself devouring all seasons and that you'll lose yet another day. We suggest, rather, to go for a walk. Go out to get something to eat. You'll see, it will do you some good.

"Oh well, I would rather clean my room"

It has been months that the cleanliness of your room has been a contentious issue at home. And of course, it is in full revision period that you have a sudden urge to clean it up. It's just the desperate act of a weakened student who will do anything to prevent himself from opening his textbooks. 

"I'm still going out for New Years eh!"

Yeah, what a great idea to get drunk a few days (or even the night before) the first exam! At the same time, it would be cruel to be deprived of New Years. If you have a solution to combine an evening out with moderation, we ask you to send it to us.

"If I don’t take this exam..."

It will leave me more time to study for the following one! But yes, let us be pessimistic, this is how we advance in life! More seriously, even if it's just to sign, you’re better off going anyway, if only to check out the questions and deal more serenely with the September session.

"It's been two days since I’ve slept"

In consequence of procrastination, students in revision go through 72 hour days. It is well known that sleep is for the weak! Try to make their little brains understand that a few hours of sleep is better than one sleepless and unproductive all-nighter in front of their syllabus.

You are now a little more informed on the behaviour of students in this trying period. Despite all your advice and pleas, you will not change them. You may, however, make their studying experience just a slight bit easier.

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