Summer road work in Brussels

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Written by Olivia Regout - 29 May 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:50)
Summer road work in Brussels
Summer is in the air… ah finally! Morning traffic jams are over. You will soon be among the few on the Brussels road network going to work! Wait, that’s not for sure… Like every year during the vacation period, the Region takes advantage of this time to get some road work done. The zones to look out for: the Cinquantenaire tunnel, the Viaduc Reyers, and even the Rue de Stalle…

Summer is here! This is the time when vacationers peace out and thus reduce the Brussels traffic by 20%. Unfortunately, those who are staying here will not really get a break because of the construction… Channel your anger into patience and find alternative routes. Here are some of the major disruptions to avoid…

Cinquantenaire Tunnel

This year the Cinquantenaire tunnel will cause some problems. This time the tunnel will not be accessible going towards Montgomery from June 30 until August 29. Get excited if you have to take the E40 – it will stay open to traffic.

Viaduc Reyers and Place Meiser

The access ramps to the Viaduc Reyers will be under major construction from June 30 until the end of September. Viaduc will be closed in both directions. You will still be able to drive on the roads on the sides of the boulevard, but we advise you avoid this area. But watch out if you take back roads because you might get some other surprises. The tramways will be under construction close to Meiser from June 16 on. The Avenue de Rogier and Rue Cambier will be closed from Meiser to Rue des Pavots direction city center.

Rue Royale

Disturbances on Rue Royale. The road will be closed from June 27 to August 31 along 500 meters between the Royal Saint Marie Church and Hotel Bloom in June and July and up to the botanical gardens in August.  

Difficulties on Rue de Stalle

If you take the Rue de Stalle on a daily basis to leave or come to Brussels, get out your GPS! You will need to change your route. The road will closed to traffic direction city center between the Avenue Guillaume Herinckx and the Chaussée d’Alsemberg from June 27 to the end of July. Direction away from the city, the road will be closed from June 27 to August 27.

Construction will also be on Chaussée de Gand, around the Tunnel Van Praet and the Avenue Alfred Madoux. Follow the construction progress on the website Bruxelles Mobilité.  

Alternative routes: the STIB and the SNCB

Back from a busy work day, you find yourself stuck in your car under a blazing hot sun - twiddling your thumbs whilst thinking about the appetizers and barbecue that await you at home! Does this situation sound familiar to you? Then give public transit a try! If travelling glued together in trains, buses, and metros never ceases to irritate you, know that everything is much smoother during vacation time. Even more so since the STIB is promising to up its ante. So, make your way to work in a more relaxed atmosphere. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

By foot, by bicycle, by Villo

Take advantage of the beautiful days by moving around on foot, by bicycle, or by Villo. Escape the capital's hellish traffic. This summer, avoid the road work, and take up the bike paths instead. 

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