Suspended coffee in Brussels

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Written by Olivia Regout - 07 Nov 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 20 Oct 2015, 09:41)
Suspended coffee in Brussels
The tradition originated in Naples, Italy. What is this concept? It’s simple: you pay for a coffee for yourself as well as a second that will be “suspended” for a person in need who can then enter the establishment and receive a coffee for no charge. So spread a little kindness in the world. The suspended coffee is already present in Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Australia, Canada and France, and it has finally arrived in Belgium!

Try out this “suspended” idea. Buy double of your drink and make the second one available for the needy. This drink will be put aside for the next impoverished person who sees indication that the establishment takes part in this idea. They can then enter to ask if there are any suspended products available.  

The initiative is taking a little time to get going in Brussels, but establishments are indeed gradually complying with the movement. Besides, who doesn’t have the right to a simple coffee?

How does this work exactly?

In general, the receipt is either posted on a board, kept “on hold” at the counter, or given back to the customer so that he or she can personally give it to someone in need. The modus operandi varies depending on the location. For example, at Yéti, your receipt will be suspended. At the Brasserie de l’Ecuyer, you will receive a ticket that can be used by a person in need. Even the trendy Café de la Presse and his little brother Café du Sablon have joined the club.

Where to suspend a coffee?

In the center, in the heart of the Marolles or heading back up towards Avenue Louise, a total of about 20 places are currently adhering to the concept. That's good, but we could do better: spread the word! In the meantime, here is a map of all the places where you can suspend a coffee.

Not only coffee…

This concept is not limited to coffee, but also tea, soft drinks, sometimes even sandwich, etc.

In Brussels, this concept has taken a typically Belgian turn. Certain fry shops have begun a "suspended fry" service. Fritkot Bompa in Ixelles was the first to launch the idea. When you buy a second serving of fries, you will recieve a receipt that you can then give to a homeless person. Friterie Clémentine in Uccle does this as well.

The bakeries Teddy L. have adopted this initiative for pastries. Across from the Midi train station, L'Inconnumakes it possible to offer someone an entire meal. Nothing more, nothing less!  

More recently, the action spread to hairdressers. In Uccle, clients of the Salon Serge Alexander can buy a hairdressing coupon that will then be given out to those most in need.

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