The food bike that revolutionized the waffle

Written by Frédéric Solvel - 01 Oct 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:27)
The food bike that revolutionized the waffle
As autumn is in the air, the Petit Nuage team has put away their ice cream cones and the ice cream bike. They are back with an even better idea and a new tricycle. We wanted to see what they had up their sleeve, so we let our taste buds wander a bit around the Park Léopold.

In the beginning of last summer, the Brussels food truck scene welcomed a revolutionary addition: the first food bike, called the Petit Nuage, selling organic ice cream. In order transition into autumn, the Petit Nuage got creative and revolutionized the waffle.

Revolution of the waffle

With the cold season just around the corner, waffles replace ice cream. The waffles by the Petit Nuage are neither from Brussels, nor from Liège - instead, they are on sticks! This concept was inspired by Thai street food and has many advantages. Only one hand needed to dig in. And this hand will stay perfectly clean since the toppings are all tucked inside the waffle!

Sweet or savory

The Petit Nuage offers savory and sweet recipes depending on the team’s ideas each day. This past Wednesday, we had the choice between chorizo-ricotta and pesto-mozzarella for a savory waffle and banana-choco or myrtille for the sweet waffles.

It takes less than two minutes for your order to be ready, just enough time to get out your wallet to find 1€50 (sweet) or 2€ (savory).  And may we say, they are delicious, truly great flavor, and easy to eat!

With the waffles, like with their ice cream, the Petit Nuage stays true to its organic philosophy. It makes sense that a green energy food truck (powered by good ole elbow grease) would be selling products along the same line of thought!

Behind the handle bars of his food bike, Yoan is staying loyal to the Park Léopold where he sets up his bike in the early morning for breakfast (7:30-9:30) and during lunchtime as well. As this clever business is increasingly popular, the Petit Nuage is also thinking of going to outdoor markets and perhaps doing tastings at the many events all over Brussels.

Find news and new locations for the Petit Nuage on their Facebook page.

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