The Scandinavian Walk Comes To Our Lands

Baudouin Van Humbeeck.

05 Jul 2012, 05:07 Last Updated: 09 Apr 2018, 08:04

It's the new way of intelligent walking. The Scandinavian walk comes to us straight from Finland.

It's a leisure sport accessible to all, which does wonders for ones physical condition, offering energy expenditure as much as 30 to 40% higher than that of normal walking. Fundamentally, it's a question of a method of summertime training practised by Nordic ski competitors. It has simply been adapted to the public at large.

In the same dynamic movement, it enables the general tonicity of the muscular chains to be reinforced, it lets you breathe better, release the stress and the muscular tension that have built up in your body, improve to a significant degree your general equilibrium and acquire exceptional comfort while walking thanks to the use of "Nordic sticks" and from being in contact with nature.

The principle of the Scandinavian walk is very simple: it is a question of accentuating the natural balancing movement of the arms while walking and of propelling the body forwards with the help of two sticks ("Nordic sticks"), producing a movement that is both cardiovascular and muscular. Two associations are proposing organised walks open to all in Brussels (parks, Forêt de Soignes) in Wallonia and Flanders.

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