Very veggie restaurants

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08 Jun 2021, 00:06 Last Updated: 13 Sep 2021, 09:09

Had enough of bloody steaks, unhealthy animal fats and that bloated after-dinner feeling?

Very veggie restaurants
Very veggie restaurants

Right when vegetarian cuisine is trending more and more, it's time to clean up our address book for this category. 

The essentials

A 100% veggie temple for several years, Dolma welcomes you to a comfortable, Tibetan atmosphere. To really experience creativity in terms of flavor and produce, you must try the famous buffet with its key dishes: pepper seitan steaks, giant stuffed mushrooms and vegetable pies. The menu changes everday! 

Another establishment in Ixelles is the organic eatery, Shanti. Give this place a try for lunch or dinner. No meat on the menu, but those who cannot live without eating fish can find something to eat here.

At the Parvis de Saint-Gilles, amateurs of vegetarian food are unanimous about Les Nourritures Terrestres restaurant : "it's good, it's healthy, it's nice!"

Vegetarian lunches

Vegetarian and organic, the "Den Teepot" is only open for lunch from 12 to 2 pm. A small soup, a dish of the day, and you're set to face the rest of the day. And if you're in a hurry? The dishes are also available for take out. Den Teepot is an organic store as well, open from 8:30 am to 7 pm everyday except Sunday.

Even if Biolounge doesn't offer exclusively vegetarian lunches, each dish has a tofu option. 

Catering service

Still for lunches, Picnik is a mini green address where you will find a selection of small vegetarian dishes. The catering service is available for supporters of environmentally friendly, fresh and original cuisine. 

Not exclusively vegetarian…

You will at one point have to share a meal with a friend who can not help but consume some meat; rest assured, some places offer a mixed menu.

This is the case of most Lebanese restaurants in Brussels. O Liban serves all the vegetarian Lebanese specialties that everyone craves: the goat cheese Manakich, hummus, the tabouleh, the moussaka ... But you will also find chicken, lamb skewers and other grilled preparations ...

The menu at Mi-figue Mi-raisin restaurant also leans more towards vegetarian. Gluten and lactose free preparations are possible as well.