Very veggie restaurants

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08 Jun 2021, 00:06 Last Updated: 08 Jun 2021, 10:06

Had enough of bloody steaks, unhealthy animal fats and that bloated after-dinner feeling?

Very veggie restaurants
Very veggie restaurants

Right when vegetarian cuisine is trending more and more, it's time to clean up our address book for this category. 

The essentials

A 100% veggie temple for several years, Dolma welcomes you to a comfortable, Tibetan atmosphere. To really experience creativity in terms of flavor and produce, you must try the famous buffet with its key dishes: pepper seitan steaks, giant stuffed mushrooms and vegetable pies. The menu changes everday! 

Tsampa, near Rue du Bailli, has a restaurant in the back of their well-known organic store. There are a variety of tofu and seitan dishes. You are sure to love their misos, different seaweed and bulgur preparations, their quorn tajines, and their egg rolls... Also take advantage of their to-go service! 

Another establishment in Ixelles is the organic eatery, Shanti. Give this place a try for lunch or dinner. No meat on the menu, but those who cannot live without eating fish can find something to eat here.

At the Parvis de Saint-Gilles, amateurs of vegetarian food are unanimous about Les Nourritures Terrestres restaurant : "it's good, it's healthy, it's nice!"

Vegetarian lunches

Vegetarian and organic, the "Den Teepot" is only open for lunch from 12 to 2 pm. A small soup, a dish of the day, and you're set to face the rest of the day. And if you're in a hurry? The dishes are also available for take out. Den Teepot is an organic store as well, open from 8:30 am to 7 pm everyday except Sunday.

Even if Biolounge doesn't offer exclusively vegetarian lunches, each dish has a tofu option. 

Catering service

Still for lunches, Picnik is a mini green address where you will find a selection of small vegetarian dishes. The catering service is available for supporters of environmentally friendly, fresh and original cuisine. 

Not exclusively vegetarian…

You will at one point have to share a meal with a friend who can not help but consume some meat; rest assured, some places offer a mixed menu.

This is the case of most Lebanese restaurants in Brussels. O Liban serves all the vegetarian Lebanese specialties that everyone craves: the goat cheese Manakich, hummus, the tabouleh, the moussaka ... But you will also find chicken, lamb skewers and other grilled preparations ...

The menu at Mi-figue Mi-raisin restaurant also leans more towards vegetarian. Gluten and lactose free preparations are possible as well.