Where to pee in the city center ?

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Written by Frédéric Solvel - 15 Jun 2021, 00:00 (Updated: 15 Jun 2021, 09:19)
Where to pee in the city center ?
As you stroll through the city, everything goes well until suddenly the urge occurs ... peeing then becomes your only concern. One goal: to urgently find a toilet to empty your bladder.

Having repeatedly faced those stressing moments, the BrusselsLife.be team compiled its list of pee-friendly addresses in the city center.

Grand-Place and its surroundings

The undisputed master in the art of urinating, Manneken Pis is nevertheless one of the few to have the right to go in the street. If you ever think of imitating him, be prepared to pay a fine which varies depending on the commune where you decide to indecently go to the bathroom. In Anderlecht, you will only pay 40€, which is not bad compared to the 250€ you will hand over in Auderghem, Forest or Ixelles. The following advice will help you steer away from peeing in the street and heading to the police station as a result…  

Not far from the peeing boy, in front of 79 Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier, are public toilets available at Place Anneessens for only 20 cents. A few steps away are urinals set up at Rouppe Place, opposite the No. 1 of Avenue de Stalingrad. Do not test your luck at Comme chez Soi, the toilets are upstairs and the butler will not let you go beyond the threshold of the front door.

Public toilets put you off ? You can always take ownership of a bar in the area with your friends. Take a pee in a Celtic and medieval atmosphere at the Porte Noire. The bar offers regular concerts and a wide selection of beers and whiskey. You prefer a student atmosphere ? The Delirium Café offers, in addition to toilets, a choice of over 2000 beers. Beware however, the consumption of beer risks taking you two or three times to the bathroom. Enter at your own risk ...

Full bladder but empty wallet ? Rue du Marché aux Herbes, the parking lot of the Grand Place has free toilets. You can also play the role of a customer of the Royal Windsor for a moment, near the Place d’Espagne. The toilets of this five-star hotel are located to the left of the lobby, opposite the small lounge.

More practical, but less luxurious, gentlemen can relieve themselves at rue de la Putterie, next to the Central Station. And if it's a little too cold and your little bird is shy, enter through the doors of the station. Pay toilets are available from 6 am to 10 pm beside the ticket booth.

Saint-Géry neighborhood

Wish to combine your sanitary break with some healthy rest? The reputation of the Saint-Gery area is second to none! The twenty some cafes located around the Halles are all possible options for a pee break. Push open the doors of the Mezzo for example ! It is possible to relieve yourself until 5am on weekends. Though here as elsewhere, cleanliness is rather dubious. Ladies, you will need a bit of strength in your legs to take a pee in levitation.

Don’t have the time or will to sit down and have a drink ? The Halles Saint-Gery (in the basement) and the Place de la Bourse (opposite Pizza Hut) also have pay toilets.

Avenue Louise

The prestigious avenue is full of treasures regarding pipi rooms. In the neighborhood, you can sneak into the toilets of the Quick, Exki or even Haagen Dazs. Take the opportunity to have a gourmet break by delighting yourself with their ice cream or sorbet cocktails.

As the rates of the ice cream shop are not within reach of all wallets, you can alternatively opt for the five-star restrooms of the Steigenberger Hotel near Place Stephanie. Farther, at the top of the avenue, men can relieve themselves in the urinals of the Square des milliardiaires, at the edge of the Bois de la Cambre.

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