Brussels by bike

Written by BrusselsLife Team - 23 Aug 2005, 00:00 (Updated: 17 Mar 2016, 11:20)
Brussels by bike
There are a thousand-and-one ways to use a bicycle in Brussels. Some use it for going to work. Others only on Sundays for a bit of healthy exercise. Night owls particularly like it for mitigating the lack of public transport after midnight.

Many, alas, maintain that cycling in Brussels isn't practical. They bemoan the lack of bicycle facilities, the inclement weather or the capital's not very cyclist-friendly ups-and-downs. They're both right and wrong. We have decided to take on the critics by offering some practical solutions. Here we go!

Map of Brussels for cyclists

It's only 1 € and will serve you well if you start biking all over Brussels. The cyclist's map is a geographical map of Brussels that indicates everything you will need to know to bike in the city: cycling paths, 30 kph and residential zones, Villo stations, green paths, bike lock stations...

This map even indicates hilly areas. Medium or steep slopes. Consult the map beforehand and choose the best route. 

Where to find this map? At all the "Point Vélo" in the capital, at CyCLO, at the Maison des Cyclistes...

Bike experience

The automobile traffic scares you? Each year in the beginning of May, take part in the Bike Experience to acclimate yourself to city cycling. You will receive theoretical and practical courses to learn to ride in the city. For three days, you will also be accompanied by a volunteer and experienced biker who will guide the way to your work place.  

Villo, bikes for public use

Is a bicycle too expensive? Are you afraid it will get stolen? If you take it somewhere, then that means you have to take it back? Not with Villo!  

With a subscription or a credit card, you can take out one of the 2500 stationed bikes at one of the 180 Villo stations in Brussels, 24/7/365. They are all within about 450 meters of each other. The advantage: you can take a bike from one station and put it back in another! A rather pratical system that continues to grow in popularity. 

Electric bikes

The hills are killing you. However hard you pedal, you still give in before reaching the top of the slope. And then you get to work all sweaty... no thank you!

It's true Brussels is not the flatest city in Belgium. But there is a solution.... just wait. What would you say about super charging your bike with a little electric motor? 

To buy or to rent for a day or weekend, it's all possible with electric bikes in Brussels. 

Let's go then!

Get out your bike, since it's been waiting patiently for you in the garage. Spruce it up, and show it the world. If you still need to be convinced, read this with care. You'll soon understand that, when it's all said and done, the bicycle is welcome in Brussels.

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