BrusselsLife prepares you for the end of the world!

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Written by - 16 Dec 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 11 Jan 2013, 14:58)
BrusselsLife prepares you for the end of the world!
We have been talking about it for months, December 21, 2012 is the fateful date that will signal the end of humanity. Do not worry, we have considered different scenarios and we suggest you join our gang of warriors who will survive anything! Begin by reading what follows, send us a motivation letter and we will see if we can incorporate into our elite battalion.

Zombies invasion

The dead coming back to life, dies it seem completely unlikely you? Yet last May in Florida, a man is attacked by a lunatic who eats half his face. With the arrival of the police, the man grumbles against them and resumes his snack as if nothing had happened. Half a magazine has been emptied before he died. That's it? You are starting to freak out?

How to survive? Become the friend of the zombies ! Find an abandoned fritkot and start making cerebellum donuts. Glory and posterity will be yours, a future Yves Mattagne of the zombies !

The giant tsunami

Imagine a tidal wave coming straight from the North Sea, which would cause the Senne to come out of its bed and flood the downtown area !

How to survive? don’t bother preparing your mask and snorkel, we have something better! Run for your life and take refuge in the restaurant of the Atomium. In addition, you will have a beautiful view of the carnage!

The meteorite

Do you remember the nightmare scenario from Armageddon? Should it occur, we are not persuaded that Bruce Willis would devote himself once again to save the world. You therefore need to go ahead and think about saving your own skin.

How to survive? Do you know the Belga Queen ? Former bank converted into a restaurant, the vault has now become a lounge bar club. A good opportunity to celebrate one last time and with a little luck, the armoured door will protect you!

The Apocalypse

The cavalcade of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse will announce its beginning. They will carry with them wars, famines and deaths plus a bunch of monsters straight out of the depths of hell.

How to survive? Replay the Ommegang! Find a horse, a spear and send those four boors back to the skirts of their mother!

The invasion of aliens

Crop circles, testimonies of abduction, UFO episode in the nineties in Belgium and above all Area 51 in Roswell, these various clues seem to prove that the aliens have left a lot of traces on Earth ... So we can imagine that they are studying us in order to determine the best way to exterminate us all, right?

How to survive? We advise you to stay near the Christmas tree on the Grand Place ... We are told about some innovation but us, we secretly believe that it is the mother ship of the alien garrison . If you are clever, you will manage to subtly slip inside before their departure and the explosion of our planet.

We hope that all these common-sense tips will allow you to better understand the fate that awaits us in a few days. With that, we are going to prepare canned food! Good luck ! Gloria Rojas Galvez

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