Sort your waste

Written by Olivia Regout - 01 Feb 2010, 00:00 (Updated: 24 Oct 2013, 12:51)
Sort your waste
The sorting of waste is mandatory in Brussels. This small gesture is part of a daily view of obvious protection of the planet, saving energy and safeguard natural resources. Bag by bag, we deliver a small manual.

New from 2013 : Blue bags will be collected once every two weeks, alternating with yellow bags.

Fill in your street name here and find out your waste collection calendar for a given address.

Blue Bag

Ok Not OK
-bottles and plastic bottles (drinks, detergents, bath products and shower, drinking yoghurt , ...) -All other items and plastic packaging (yoghurt pots, trays of butter)
-metal packaging (cans, tins, lids and caps, aerosol cosmetics, food ...) -Foil, packaging containers of toxic substances
-Cards drink -Syringes, Baxters, frigolite

Bag Yellow

Ok Not OK
-bag paper, newspapers, books, paper, advertising ,... -soiled paper and bold, wallpaper, cellophane .

You will not forget to remove the plastic wrapping newspapers and other advertisements. Finally, note that the use of the bag is not obligatory: you can very well bring all your papers in a box that you take care to tie properly.

Bag Blanc

The white bag should receive the rest of your waste to except the content of yellow and blue bags. Once again some exceptions apply: the glass must join the bubbles waste Garden (green bags), small household chemical waste (around parks and green containers), used batteries (points harvests in supermarkets, schools, parks containers, post offices, town halls ), oil and grease from frying oil, engine (around parks and green containers) and bulky (organized collections, container parks). Finally, do not neglect the compost can be an attractive alternative for your organic waste. For poor students, a system of fines has been established: a non-sort or a bad sort can cost you between 62.50 and 625 euros. A wise, sort!

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