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Written by Olivia Regout - 15 Jan 2014, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:29)
Take a taxi in Brussels
You flag them down in the street, track them down in their sectioned off zones or you call for one at the hub.

All respectful Brusseleirs have found themselves in a taxi. These quick black and yellow checkered cars traverse the city streets at your service. Here’s a bit about the different options that are available.


Hey! Taxi!

You spot them from afar - a big light on the roof with the word TAXI in red and a white background, enhanced with the Brussels Iris. When it’s close you can identify them by their license plate marked with the letters TX.

A total of 1,223 taxis are in service around the capital. Some are green, other are blue. But these colors do not mean anything other than indicate the company to which the taxi belongs. There are no ecological connotations to extract…

The price? To calculate the price that your taxi trip will cost in the 19 municipalities of Brussels, you should count €2.40 pick-up charge (plus 2€ between 10 pm and 6 am) and 1.80€/km. Get an estimate before you leave.

Did you know that certain taxi companies can send a delivery van to help move large objects? For example, to transport large furniture from the store to your home.


Since March 2012 up until 2014, a pilot project of moto-taxis started in Brussels. They are currently 13 motorcyclists who will take you everywhere in the city.

Traffic’s a mess? Call one of these authorized drivers so you can weave through the backed up cars.

The price? Expect to pay around 20 € for a trip in the Brussels Region. 

Collecto, group taxis

Since 2008, the concept of group taxis called “collecto” has been helping out with late night transport. This is an option in addition to the Noctis night bus. You can call this service everyday between 11 pm and 6 am.

How does it work? The taxi does not come to get you. Instead, they are stationed at one of the 200 Collecto starting points that correspond with the Stib stops. The telephone service will tell you where and when you should be there. They will then drive you to the address of your choice.

Attention, you must call for your taxi a half an hour ahead of time. They will come to get you at the top of every hour or at half past. You will share a ride with multiple people who have similar destinations. You will need a little patience if you happen to be the last one in the car to be dropped off…

The price? A flat rate of 6 € for one trip or 5€ if you have a Stib membership.

Electric taxis coming soon to Brussels?

Drum roll please… Brussels will soon be equipped with electric taxis. After a test phase, the first vehicles are supposed to be released in spring 2014. In total, 50 taxi licenses were divided among 19 operators.

Difference? These taxis will be identical to the others expect for a logo. Their battery life will be approximately 100 km. It will take 20 minutes to recharge the battery and will cost 2€. These cars will be much quieter and much more ecological, as they will not emit CO2. We will have to see how this turns out…  

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