Top 10 of the best wedding proposal ideas in Brussels

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Written by Olivia Regout - 14 Feb 2022, 00:00 (Updated: 25 Apr 2022, 09:40)
Top 10 of the best wedding proposal ideas in Brussels
Once again, the editorial team at decided to show some romance ahead of Valentines Day by providing its very inspired ideas of the most idyllic wedding proposals in Brussels. So here we go: our TOP10 places to kneel down…

Have you already gone through every step a hundred times in your wildest dreams? You’ve already repeated the sentence a thousand times: “My little sweet sugarbear, will you marry?”. And she, of course, replies: “Well, duh!”. After a few hugs and kisses, you fall in each other’s arms, submerged by emotions.

The only problem is concerning the script: you’re missing a few pieces of the puzzle. Fortunately, has some love to share. Here is our hit parade of the best Brussels wedding proposals. Pfiou! You are saved…

10 - Impasse de la fidélité

If the name of the street is sound and clear (literally means the deadlock of fidelity), the environment could be (a lot) better. You must agree there are at least 9 more romantic places than the metal gate of Jeanneke Pis to propose.

9 - Aquatic proposal

One thing is crystal (water) clear: you love her/him head-over-heals. So you’ve decided to throw yourself into the unknown. Seems logic then to go to Némo 33 for the big plunge. Have her/him sit down at a window of the underwater restaurant and swim down (geared up of course) with your ring. Through the window, present it to her/him. (S)he will obviously take the bite and you will both live happy of love and pure water for many years to come.

8 - In music under the kiosk of the Royal Park

The musical kiosk of the Royal Park was created in 1841 to be one of the high places of harmony and music. If musicians aren’t that present anymore, its charm sure hasn’t changed a bit. So how about taking advantage of that by singing your own little tune to your loved one? At, we have a little weakness for “Bruxelles, ma belle” (Brussels, my beauty): a song written and sung by Dick Annegarn, not for Brussels as many people think, but for a person dear to the singer. All you need to do is replace Brussels by the name of your beloved one…

7 - The remake of Titanic on the Brussels canal

Have you always dreamt of being Jack and Rose, standing behind each other on the bow of a ship, your hair in the wind, while you exchange a passionate kiss? In Brussels, you can give life to this cult scene from Titanic by sailing on a boat on the canal. The décor is indeed less romantic than the Atlantic Ocean, or the Titanic for that matter, but no iceberg will come to interrupt your plans. To those interested: the sailing season begins on May first.

6 - At the top of the Ferris wheel

Are you afraid of nothing? Or at least not of heights? Then wait until the next Foire du Midi (Summer Fair) or Plaisirs d’Hiver (Winter Wonders) to settle in the next Ferris wheel and propose on the top. All of Brussels will be witness to your love. Just be careful not to drop the ring…


5 - Chocolate

If you are looking to bewitch the heart of your beloved one, you might have to play the card of what (s)he loves. Perhaps chocolate? You can create your own Kinder Surprise at your own chocolatier. Definitely more original than a ring at the bottom of a glass of champagne. This way, she will bite you whole. At, you have two options: write your message in chocolate or hide the ring between two pieces of it.

4 - Lost in the labyrinth of the Van Buuren Garden

Far from the restlessness of the city, this is probably the most romantic place in Brussels. The Van Buuren Garden located right behind the Churchill roundabout is worthy of a movie set. Organize a breadcrumb trail in the maze that constitues this green secret of Brussels. Guide your beloved one through the heart-shaped flowerbeds until the centerpoint of the maze, where you will wait with a rose in your mouth. Just make sure (s)he doesn’t get lost in it…

3 - In a carriage on Grand Place

The Disney princesses regularly go in and out of their carriages, so why not you? Since the carriages have come back to Grand Place, the coach drivers have certainly witnessed quite a few proposals. You like the idea? Find out more about the Champagne Carriage Tour Brussels.

2 - Nine balls for a ring

Although we are not aware of all of them, we know that proposals are made in – and around – the Atomium. We do remember a couple of Germans who come back every year to the place where they decided to bind their fates. Another proposal was relayed by the window cleaners: with help of big panels, they gave out the message to the future bride who was comfortably sitting down at the restaurant on the other side of the window. For more simplicity, a table with panoramic view, a few candles and a ring of course, will for sure do the trick.

1 - In a rowboat

Cast off and embark on a romantic journey on the quiet waters of the lake in Bois de la Cambre. Slalom between ducks and leave the agitation of the park behind. Between your rowing, declare your love to the one and only person sitting in front of you. You will of course have planned everything with Captain Philippe, the ferryman of the Chalet Robinson, who will have carefully placed a bottle of champagne at the bottom of your boat.

And if you're still hesitating to make the plunge or say yes, you will for sure have no more doubts after discovering the 15 reasons to date a Brusseleir!

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