What if we did something different for lunch?

Written by Frédéric Solvel - 22 Sep 2013, 00:00 (Updated: 02 Jun 2014, 07:41)
What if we did something different for lunch?
The hour and the minute hand are going to unite at the number 12 in a couple of minutes. It’s time to ask the age-old question: what are we going to have for lunch? Of course there’s the habitual sandwich shop around the corner, but you’ve already been there three times this week! Here are some places to explore to give your lunch break a boost.

The club sandwich revitalized

Your usual sandwich shop has been a little lax with your club lately. Two thin slices of ham and cheese slapped between slices of bread plastered with mayo and graced with one sad leaf of lettuce… Don’t put up with this any longer! Order the club sandwich from Passion Terroir at the Sheraton and you will have bitten into the winner of the 2013 best club sandwich award in Brussels hotels. This sandwich is Mohamed Zanu’s creation under the guidance of Chef Tirilly.

Mayo for everybody

As long as it’s not too often, a little cheating from your diet can’t hurt. And we have to admit, chips the day after a long night out really hit the spot. Follow the scent of grease and order your sauce on the side if you dread getting messy fingers. Find all the best chip shops with our guide to chip shops in Brussels.  

Food trucks

Are chip shops so last season? Be on the lookout around the city and you may be lucky enough to see a food truck around noon. So that you don’t have to wait until 2:00pm for some food, take a look at the schedule on these sites: Keep on Toasting, El Camion, Mr. Tacos or 3ème element. Find out if this modern lunch has anything on the good ole chip shops.

Accessible gastronomic options

Don’t hesitate to poke your head into one of the gastronomic restaurants of the capital from time to time. The prices are much more affordable for lunch, and you can always use the excuse of a busy afternoon to not go crazy on the wine menu. At Bruneau, you will pay 45€, 50€ at Bon Bon or 55€ at Comme Chez Soi where lunch is a three course meal. Next to the place De Brouckère, the Alban Chambon has a 2 course lunch for 32€. This is a lot better than dinner prices which are often in the three digits… This way you can keep up to date with the lunch menus at your favorite restaurants.

Filles - restaurant

Even if this restaurant left Saint Gilles for downtown, we love them anyway… Gather around the tables d’hôtes at Filles restaurant and nibble at the casserole dishes (15€). If you would rather dine at home, Filles delivers delicious hot meals as well…

What if we cooked…

On your marks, get set, cook! By yourself, with friends or with colleagues, change it up and take an hour to cook. The first half hour is devoted to making the dish and the second to eating it! Go to Mmmmh! (17€).

Who needs eating!

You’re the type who thinks that we can feed ourselves with love and fresh water? There are many things to do at noon other than eat. A game of squash or a run are easily completed in less than 60 minutes. An hour should be plenty of time to get a massage as well.  If you hate sports and massages, you can opt for cultural activities: les Midi du Théâtre au Bozar during the season or the festival Midis Minimes in the summer. Anyway, bon appétit if you do sit down to eat!

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