Where to eat Sushi in Brussels?

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Written by Olivia Regout - 05 Sep 2012, 00:00 (Updated: 17 Jan 2020, 16:13)
Where to eat Sushi in Brussels?
A generous ration of soy sauce, a touch of wasabi, devour it all and let your tastebuds explode with joy ! Tonight is sushi night ! The usual outing for fries is outdated, in Brussels, sushi bars are what everyone is talking about.

As a starter or main course, eat-in or take-out, it's difficult not to succumb to a delicious assortment of nigirizushi, makizushi, and sashimi. There is something for everyone. The sushi phenomenon has seized our capital and it is now possible to honor the Japanese tradition all over the city.

BrusselsLife has done its homework and offers you the possibility to discover a few addresses you cannot afford to miss.

Sushi restaurants

Looking for a spare table to occupy with friends and a good tray of sushi ? Here are the inevitable restaurants right around the corner ...

In Ixelles, we recommend two restaurants approved by the Brussels Japanese community. The Yamayu Santatsu is a true expert of sushi and sashimi. The regulars will be able to confirm it to you. What this location lacks in service, it pays up for in its food quality. Kamo close to the cemetery of Ixelles, offers excellent yet different sushi from what you can typically find elsewhere. Lunch specials are available and more affordable, but make sure you have a reservation, Kamo is very popular with fans of Japanese cuisine!

The Makisu, rue du Bailli, only offers maki sushi. You can create your own makis to satisfy your own daily cravings. Eat-in or take-out, sushi lovers will be in heaven.

The Brussels city centre is bursting with Japanese restaurants. The Kabuki is most known for its entertainment as the chefs put on a show whilst cooking your meal. If you choose the bar, your sushi will arrive by an electric train. An original sushi concept for sushis which leave much to be desired.

For those with a comfortable budget, the Samouraï at la Monnaie is well recognized for its sushi and Japanese dishes.In short, your stomach will be pleased, your wallet much less.

More affordable, the Sakura, in the heart of Halles Saint Géry, has also become a hit with the 'sushivorous'. The restaurant offers good quality sushi at a reasonable price.

Take-out or order-in sushi

An address not to miss in Schaerbeek : Atelier du Sushi,a few feet away from Place Dailly. The establishment is a huge hit ! The products are tasty and the prices are more than affordable. The restaurant does not deliver and the seating is limited therefore we recommend the take-out option. Certainly the most talked about in Brussels, the brand Sushi shop offers more unique types of sushi : fresh cheese, chive, sun-dried tomatoes, eggplant, tabouleh ... the mix of flavours is often surprising and takes you far away from the Japanese tradition. You can easily place your order online, however, prepare to be patient for the delivery.

At Sushi Factory, the delivery service is great. Sushi, sashimi, maki, everything is rather convincing. On a side note, Sushi Factory serve red tuna in a limited way in support of the disappearing species.

To eat-in, order-in or take-out, here is even more restaurant for you to choose from Sushi World.



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