25 Disney characters on a tour in Brussels

Written by Rédaction BrusselsLife.be - 11 Feb 2015, 00:00 (Updated: 12 Jan 2022, 04:35)
25 Disney characters on a tour in Brussels
Twenty-five Walt Disney charactershave escaped their studios in California and invaded Brussels. Though far from home, they quickly found their niche in the city.

While Lady and the Tramp sit down for a meal in the Ilôt Sacré, Merlin attempts to enchant the Place du Jeu de Balle, and the 101 Dalmatians discover Zinneke-Pis. If piglet is getting nervous about what’s in store for him at the abattoir, Cinderella seems to have found just the right fit on the steps of the Palace, and Anna happily ice skates at the Place de la Monnaie. Pinocchio is rolling in the dough at the Toone Puppetry Theater…




Alice is spending a little too much time in Wonderland in the garden of the Alice and David van Buuren museum. A green space signed by René Pechère. 




101 Dalmatians


Aladdin & Jasmine


Scrooge McDuck


Peter Pan
While on the way to Neverland, Tinkerbell, Wendy, and Michael take a pit stop in Brussels around the statue of Peter Pan in Egmont Park. It’s a copy of the statue in Kensington Garden and stands for the friendship that brought Belgian and English children together during World War I. 


Brussels has a wild side. Toads have taken up residence in the fountain in the Petit Sablon, and Tiana finds what she is looking for. 




The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
At the top of one of the towers of the Saint Michael and Gudule Cathedral, the Hunchback of Notre Dame is desperately searching for the Seine. But the Senne is no where to be found… 




Merlin the Wizard


Trapped in a dudgeon, Rapunzel throws down her ponytail to help Flynn reach her before they escape from Porte de Hal. 


Flash McQueen


The Princesses


Robin Hood
Against one of the first gates that guarded Brussels, Robin is ready to release his arrow. Backup assistance for the Saint Sebastian Royal Order of Archers in Brussels! Protecting the city since the 14th century, these archers, crossbowmen, and fencers still practice the manual art of these forgotten arms. 


The Incredibles


The Lion King


Though far from his kitchen in Paris, Alredo Linguini can feel right at home in one of the iconic restaurants in Brussels: Comme chez soi on Place Rouppe. Fortunately the chef Lionel Rigolet has a brighter future than Auguste Gusteau’s.




By doning the Disney princesses with realistic hair, Loryn Brantz and Buzzfeed gave Ariel the right look for when she emerges from Manneken-Pis’ fountain. 




John Smith awaits Pocahontas at the Mellaerts ponds. Fair enough, this isn’t the New World, but a Sunday expedition for many people out and about in Brussels. 


Lady and the Tramp


The 7 Dwarves
One more, our 25th Disney visitor. And now hey ho, hey ho back to work we go! 


Copyright : Walt Disney Studios
Design : Olivia Regout, Audrey Verbaeys, Robin des Bois de Wouters & Frédéric Solvel
Image realisation : Simon Le Sant

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